Get these Dainty Pieces for Your Home from Gucci Décor Store in Milan

Gucci Décor Store opens in Milan and it is a beautiful rendition of a luxurious home. From the romantic aesthetic to the home pieces decorated in nature motifs, Gucci Décor offers an eclectic and elegant collection for your home and spaces. The temporary store will be open until June this year. Scroll down to see which dainty pieces you would get from your trip to Italy…

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Designed after nature’s beauty

These small porcelain containers are perfect pieces for your living room tables. You can place various treats for your guests to delight in or you can also set it as holders for necessities like keys or coins.

These wooden chairs have an elegant pattern on their cushions that either match or contrast with the dark or bright color of the seat. Either way, they make for a vintage, eccentric feel in your dining space.

Wallpapers are not commonly the attention in homes but you can make it as such with these colorful patterns. They come in animal motifs or floral prints for a contemporary or a homelike ambiance.

These striking tables come in vibrant and deep colors to evoke a cheerful or a dark sophisticated mood.

Work your way to a luxurious home with these velvet plush seats that come in dark hues. The accents of animal prints like an owl, tiger, and cat make for a shock of fun and modern feel.

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To add elegance to your kitchen and dining areas, place these beautiful porcelain cups, saucers, and containers. Apart from the classic florals, there are also unique, vintage patterns.

The Gucci Décor Store features these one-of-a-kind blankets resembling tapestries. You can either use the side with a single color or you can display its nature design such as florals or tiger faces.

Add a little zest on your sofas with these throw pillows. They come in animal designs like butterfly, wasp, and tiger. The colors are striking enough to stand out in your living room.

These may not be considered as key pieces, but these home decor items certainly make for an additional elegance in your home.

Gucci Décor Store knows bins do not have to be plain and boring. These containers come in either monochromatic yet intricate patterns or colorful nature prints that certainly add life to your space.

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