5 Luxe and Eco-conscious Products for your Home and Business

Everyone loves staying in the comforts of a beautiful home, especially when the luxe furnishings are also energy-saving products. It is wonderful to know there are quality pieces that can bring down energy costs and reduce carbon footprint. Philippine Geogreen launched five innovative offerings representing elements of nature–earth, wind, water, and fire–to promote sustainable living. People can take part in the green movement with these pieces for homes and businesses.

Land: Shorelock

For hotel and beach resort business owners, Shorelock is the best technology to help in protecting and restoring coastlines. There is no need to dredge or purchase new sand. This maintains the natural look of the coast, allowing guests to enjoy the beautiful view as they walk along the shores.

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Wooden ceiling fans in a dining room.
Wooden Haiku ceiling fans. (Photograph from Philippine Geogreen)

Air: Haiku fans

With high heat levels in the country, people would prefer to stay indoors. Haiku ceiling fans give off a cooling effect that conserves energy through its award-winning motor. The fans also have a sleek and modern design that would fit with other beautiful interiors in your home.

Water: Atmospheric Water Generator

Geogreen’s water generator counters the hot and humid weather, especially in the summer season. It works by extracting water from the air. The device then renders multiple filtration stages to turn water potable for various home, industrial, and commercial use.

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Solatube Daylight Systems installed above a dining room.
Solatube Daylight System. (Photograph from Philippine Geogreen)

Fire: Solatube Daylighting Systems

Natural lighting is a key for a brighter home, especially ones with floor-to-ceiling windows. To have a more expansive reach of illumination, the Solatube captures the sun’s rays and it is easy to install without doing structural changes to the building.

Fire: LumActiv

For those living in the city, smog can pose as a problem. To solve this, the LumActiv pain coat cleans the air when activated by sunlight or electric light. This keeps from having to repaint and do maintenance.

Philippine Geogreen CEO Liza Morales-Crespo. (Photograph from Philippine Geogreen)

Philippine Geogreen launched these innovative offerings as part of its 10th anniversary. The CEO, Liza Morales-Crespo said, “We will definitely introduce more cutting-edge products in the years to come.” People can anticipate how the company will continue helping Filipinos to embrace sustainable living.

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