7 Local Sustainable Brands To Shop From To Ease Your Carbon Footprint

Whether for personal use, for your business, or for typhoon relief efforts, shop from these brands to practice and spread your advocacy for sustainable living.

The recent devastation of super typhoons in the country is an alarming wake-up call of the reality that is the climate crisis. While this has been happening for many years, people, particularly corporations, still ignore the demands to change their means of production that contribute to the rampant decline of the environment. While we, individual consumers, persist in calling for this change, we can start with our lifestyle choices. Whether we are changing the essentials we use at home or using these for typhoon relief efforts, here are eco-friendly brands you can shop from. These online destinations offer sustainable products—from powder soaps, sugarcane food containers, to reusable swabs.

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Savon Cleaning Solutions

Ever heard of a powder turning into liquid soap? Savon invented refillable powder cleaners that you only need to add water to use as a soap. While liquid cleaners are common, Savon reveals most of these contain 90% water and only 10% of its active ingredients. Savon worked a way around this to ensure you get the essential 10%. The powder comes in sachets made of Kraft paper and polylactic acid, a biodegradable component.

Click here to buy their sustainable powder soap.

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A To Zero Waste

If you want to start advocating for a zero-waste lifestyle, this brand should be among your go-to destinations. From packaging materials to consumables, you can find products that no longer use plastics, but biodegradable or recyclable materials. They have kitchen and bathroom brushes made of coarse fiber from coconut shells, loofah or dried Luffa fruit from the cucumber family, bamboo cutlery, and fruit extract-based skincare essentials.

Click here to start a zero-waste lifestyle.

Worm Kubo

Throwing away kitchen scraps is such a waste, especially since you can use these as compost for your plants or garden. Thankfully, Worm Kubo invented worm bins tailored for the Philippine climate. A starter kit includes worms with bedding made of sawdust and vermicompost, a stainless net cover, coco peat, used eggshells, and coffee grounds. Setting up may be daunting, but there is a printed guide and customer support to help you prepare and eventually harvest.

Click here to buy your worm bins.

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Eco Nest PH

For business owners, this is your partner for sustainable packaging solutions. If you have ordered takeout from Gallery by Chele, you may have noticed their impressive biodegradable containers. These are from Eco Nest where they produce containers using sugarcane, cassava, vegetable-based inks, bamboo, and Kraft paper. They offer wholesale eco-packaging essentials across the country as well, perfect for entrepreneurs. 

Click here for their full catalog.

Nala Woman Philippines

Sanitary pads have always been a problem concerning their proper disposal. To address this, Nala Woman created pads and liners made of organic cotton, corn-starch wrappers, and biodegradable back sheet films. These certified non-toxic pads take three to five years to biodegrade, unlike traditional ones that take between 500 to 800 years. With their meticulous way of creating pads especially for those with sensitive skin, women will definitely be encouraged to switch to this sustainable brand.

Click here to buy their biodegradable pads.

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Suds Sustainable Pods

Whether for home or travel use, these pods are convenient handsoaps. Wrapped in biodegradable water-soluble film packets, the liquid soaps come in small sizes and so you wouldn’t have to bring huge bottles or worry about wasting them. A starter kit includes a small handwash bottle for you to refill with other pods. Apart from having antibacterial properties, these give off a foamy lather that feels smooth and moisturizes your skin.

Click here for more information.


A collective brand for sustainable products, Loop carries a wide variety of home, personal, and beauty essentials. They have fitness wear made of discarded fishnets, cork yoga mats, washable cotton pads, abaca fiber face masks, biodegradable food containers, and collapsible cups and tumblers.

Click here to browse through their sustainable products.

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