Do Your Part: Donate Your Shopping Parcel Bags and Boxes To These Recycling Shops

Before you throw away bags, drop them off at these centers.

Over the quarantine, some of us turned to online shopping for both our essentials and our retail guilty pleasures. Even if we didn’t shop, we received curated boxes or gifts from our friends and family who live far away, as a show of love.

But all these deliveries mean numerous plastic bags and boxes pile up in our homes. Rather than throwing them away, let’s do our part in saving the planet by donating them to these recycling centers.

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The Plastic Flamingo

The Plaf targets marine plastic pollution in the country by collecting and recycling plastic wastes. The French social enterprise accepts polypropylene (Tupperware, plastic bottles, bags of chips), low-density and high-density polyethylene (sando plastic bags, crates, buckets), and other containers and packaging materials. They also accept bubble wrap and bags from parcels.

With over 70 partner organizations across the country, they are able to collect 41 trillion plastic—21 of which have been recycled as of writing.

Click here to see the drop-off points.

Green Haven Scrap Materials and Trading

Apart from plastics, they accept cardboard boxes, used beverage cartons, newsprint, and office waste. You can also donate defective small appliances, old clothes, and aluminum and tin cans. As long as these are cleaned, properly segregated, and sealed off, they can collect these items.

If your location is not near their drop-off points, you can have your recyclables delivered to their addresses through common couriers like Grab and Lalamove. They recommend contacting them first to schedule the drop-off.

Click here to visit their Facebook page.

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Silent Beads

Giant supermarkets and different stores have begun using brown paper bags. Rather than keeping them piled up in your cabinets, donate them to this store that recycles them into seed papers. These can be planted to grow your own produce like spinach or plant babies like the Bignay berry tree.

The seed paper products come in the forms of customized gift tags, wrapping papers, calendars, and invitations.

The drop-off points are in Decathlon, Pasig and Muzon, San Jose Del Monte.

Click here to see their products.

Green Antz Builders

The organization commits to providing environmentally friendly housing solutions. Using green technologies in their products, they aim to offer a more sustainable living environment. In 2019, they won the Construction Innovation award at the Asia-Pacific Housing Forum. 

Beyond construction, they accept clean and dry plastics of all types for upcycling. Recently, they started opening donations to used beverage cartons as well. This includes dairy, juice, sauce, and water cartons.

They also do monthly drop-off tours in different locations. But you may donate to their addresses in Makati, Pasig, and Taguig. 

Click here for more information.

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