Extend Your Sustainable Lifestyle To Your Home With These Kitchen Essentials

The switch to sustainable living is becoming more than a trend as the effects of the climate crisis persist.

The number of sustainable brands is growing with the impact of the climate crisis we are experiencing every day. From organic food to personal care, more brands have been looking into and producing sustainable products. If you have started a green lifestyle through bath and body products, why not extend it to your home? We listed down sustainable kitchen essentials you can switch to as alternatives. Be it bamboo boards and plates, plant-based disinfectants, or non-toxic storage bags, here’s where you can fully have your green living.

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Stasher PH

Plastic has always been a problem in the environment. Thus, Stasher invented endlessly reusable and non-toxic storage bags. Coming in different sizes, the bags are safe to use for the microwave, dishwasher, oven, fridge, and for sous vide. Made of platinum silicone, you can also choose from a variety of colors to add liveliness to your kitchen.

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LEFT: Mermaid Teaspoon. RIGHT: Stainless Steel Straw Set. (Photos from Instagram)

Tree Huggers Club

With a delightful name, this eco-friendly online store supports small businesses, farmers and artisans, and individuals like senior citizens and single parents. Some of the proceeds of their products support local charities. They offer different kitchen products made from bamboo, acacia, beeswax, and coconut husks. What you should look out for are their cutlery sets in food-grade stainless steel. Apart from the usual metallic gray and bronze, they have mermaid tail hues that add a youthful mood to your tableware.

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LEFT: Food-grade dishwashing liquid and hand sanitizer. RIGHT: wash for cleaning produce. (Photos from Instagram)

Simula PH

If you are uncertain about where to start on your sustainable lifestyle, try scouring through Simula’s kitchen essentials. They carry a variety of products such as coconut dish brushes, cutlery, handmade rugs, to gift sets. But what you should get are their food-grade dishwashing liquids, disinfectant, and all-purpose cleaners. Each one is made of plant-based essential oils with antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. The raw ingredients make it biodegradable and safe on your skin.

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LEFT: bamboo lunch box. RIGHT: coffee press. (Photos from Instagram)

The Bamboo Company

Taking off from the brand’s name, the online store offers a delightful range of bamboo products. Among their kitchen essentials, you can find a coffee press, coffee manual grinder, cutlery sets, tumblers, and circular plates. It is also good to note you can have your products personalized. You can have your name, a message, a word, logo, or any photo you want to be engraved on the bamboo.

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The cacao/coffee joint is a general store as well where you can purchase eco-friendly products—from heritage food, bath and body care, green cleaning to kitchen essentials. For their home products, they have coconut coir brushes, loofah, biodegradable pandan pots, and more. They have recently closed their store in Arnaiz, but you can still schedule refill appointments and order online.

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