Happy In Her Own Skin: Changing The World Of Wellness And Beauty

A leap of faith directed Jacqueline Gutierrez to her life’s mission: bringing joy to consumers through accessible and delightful skincare products.

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s May 2023 Issue. 

Many times, we are faced with amazing opportunities and blessings disguised as hurdles. And being comfortable where we are at, we sometimes fail to see surprises that the world reveals to us. 

But for Jacqueline “Jacqe” Gutierrez, co-founder and CEO of Happy Skin, BLK Cosmetics, and Seoul White Korea, taking a leap of faith is that one thing that has led her to an important mission in the world of wellness and beauty.

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Jacqueline Gutierrez, CEO of Happy Skin
Jacqueline Gutierrez, CEO of Happy Skin

Over 10 years ago, tasked to work for a global company in Singapore, Gutierrez handled its entire face brand category in Southeast Asia and Australia. The job was a great opportunity as she got to travel and delve into the world of beauty, understanding the needs of women. At that point, she had been in the corporate marketing world for almost a decade and started to rethink what mattered most.

“I was rarely with my family but it was hard to leave the corporate world, being used to the security it provided for many years,” she shared. But creating her own brand was a life-long dream and at a most opportune time when Filipinos were beginning to love and be proud of local brands, she felt it was time.

Jacqueline Gutierrez, CEO of Happy Skin

“That became my turning point,” exclaimed Gutierrez. “I realized that I truly love brand building–being able to come up with products that delight consumers, creating campaigns that influence the way people think and act, and the overall fulfillment of creating something that is tangible which brings joy to other people.”

She considers her husband, Victor, her biggest supporter having encouraged her to start her own business. “Never did entrepreneurship cross my mind until he convinced me to take the leap to start my own brand. Until now, he allows me the freedom to continue pursuing my dreams.”

Armed with the corporate world’s experience and golden insights, of which she is forever grateful for, she bravely established Happy Skin in October 2013.

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Photos by Charisma Lico.

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