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Nothing says sustainable, organic, and cruelty-free better than supporting local. Experience nature’s gift of clear, smooth skin and soft, healthy hair with Dermtropics

The word “natural” gets thrown around in the skin care industry quite excessively these days as some form of a marketing trend. It seems, however, that you don’t have to look so far beyond the Philippines to get the realest, rawest deals when it comes to organic skin care. Conceived from the touch of a mother, Dermtropics’ wide range of natural skin care products will help you get the skin care results you’ve always dreamed of, while keeping things sustainable, safe, and clean for both the environment and your sensitive skin.

A mother’s touch

Dermtropics lets you get truly confident with your own skin, as guaranteed by its co-founder and CEO, Margaux Arambulo-Lucena, daughter of Dr. Miguel Reyes-Arambulo III and Dr Julieta Peralta-Arambulo

Great products can be molded from the hands of down-to-earth experts who merely want to provide aid to their loved ones. Dermtropics was established when its founder’s mother, a 20-year veteran dermatologist in the skin and hair industry, wanted to improve her children’s lives by creating a proper soap solution that wasn’t tainted with harmful and irritating chemicals. Such a solution would end up being known as the “Unscented Soap,” and worked wonders for the mother’s patients who were eczema or acne-prone. 

Decades later, this dermatologist’s daughter, Margaux Arambulo-Lucena, would make a discovery regarding the secret ingredient of her mother’s “Unscented Soap,” which was apparently, Virgin Coconut Oil. Such a discovery would lead to Margaux making further research regarding her mother’s solution, which was only augmented when her husband, Miko Lucena, would support her in developing her mother’s product. It would not take long before Dermtropics was born.

It seems that the original philosophy of Margaux’s mother still remains intact under Dermtropics, as its product lines continue to wield the brand’s most powerful secret ingredient: wet-milled virgin coconut oil. Pure and organic, Dermtropics makes it clear that this is not your regular vegetable oil, as this wonder-working material is extracted without the use of any heat sources, allowing for the retainment of the essential antioxidants that give the virgin coconut oil its untainted rejuvenating properties. With wet-milling being a thousand-year-old traditional method practiced only in sustainable crafting communities and only by the expert local farmers and workers of Mindanao, Dermtropics is able to offer best-in-class products that are truly unique and truly effective.

Going all-around with hair

Your shower or bathroom is a safe space, and harmful, irritating chemicals should never be welcomed

Excitingly enough, Margaux and Miko also shared with us that Dermtropics’ commitments to real and raw body care will be expanding in a massive way, as a brand-new collection of upcoming Dermtropics products equally-infused with the brand’s signature natural formulas will be set for release within the year.

One such product is the upcoming Raw Coconut + Aloe Vera Shampoo which still utilizes the brand’s original wet-milled virgin coconut oil, but with the added special ingredient of organic coconut milk. To magnify the shampoo’s scalp-soothing and follicle-strengthening benefits as well as to bring a cooling effect, elements of Aloe Vera were also added to the formula to act as a remedy for your scalp’s dry, sunburnt skin. Just like the original unscented soap, the shampoo also boasts a sulfate and silicone free formula, making it just as safe to use for both color-treated hair and curly hair.

Dermtropics will also be releasing within this year it’s very own Raw Coconut + Argan Oil Conditioner to compliment its natural shampoo. Through a tested formula that Margaux and Miko describes as “overflowing with incredible ingredients,” the Dermtropics conditioner was created to replenish and repair even the most damaged of follicles and scalps. Apart from the brand’s signature product traits of having Virgin Coconut Oil at its base and containing zero amounts of harmful sulfate and silicone, the conditioner also contains the elements of hydrating-Argan Oil and vegan friendly keratin to protect your hair against sun damage and natural wear and tear.

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An ode to the originals

Staying true to her mother’s first concoction, the couple also brings back the original Raw Coconut Gentle Cleansing Bar with a few tweaks added for extra measure. The cleansing bar sports the original “Unscented Soap” formula but with the highest, finest quality form of organic, wet-milled virgin coconut oil, multiplying the soap’s cleansing benefits ten-fold. The cleansing bar remains perfect for those looking to keep their natural oils intact while improving their overall skin texture to a supple, but natural touch.

Tagged as much-awaited by the brand’s own clients, Dermtropics has also found its own perfect formula for lotions with the Raw Coconut Daily Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion. Described as lightweight, non-sticky, and pleasant to the nose, the Hand and Body lotion comes as the perfect moisturizer to compliment the cleansing bar, as Miko and Margaux both recommend applying it to the entire body after showering in order to prevent dry and irritable skin.

Looking for an alternative organic body wash for your extra sensitive skin? Dermtropics has also got you covered. This September, the young trademark is also planning to release its freshest soap product to date, which contains quite a fresh twist. Enjoy a soothing and softening lathering experience with the Raw Coconut + Colloidal Oatmeal Hand and Body Wash, as it will be enriched with a medley of high-quality, plant-based ingredients such as anti-inflammatory Argan Oil and FDA-approved Colloidal Oatmeal. Such a balanced formula allows for this new body wash to feature low pH levels, preventing the pesky irritation usually caused by pH-increasing chemicals and parabens in non-natural soaps and skin products.

No frills or tacky gimmicks, just genuine, organic goodness ready to apply to your skin and hair

Apart from giving us the deep dive on their top-class skin and hair products, Dermtropics has also recently partnered with various non-profit organizations that support the rehabilitation of the environment. Proceeds from selected Dermtropics gift bundles and items will support either the successful “Adopt A Tree” program by Philippine Parks and Biodiversity, or the brand’s very own recycling program which will be unveiled within the year.

She might not have known it then, but Margaux’s inventive mother started a chain reaction right from the moment she developed her first soap formula for her children. Not only did she formulate a predecessor to a great product, but she has also planted in her daughter a seed filled with the labor of love; a promise which has now sprouted into a brand that reflects the principles of raw, untethered, and naturally-made care to not only its customers, but also to its environment, and its own people.

For a more in-depth look at Dermtropics’ wide range of products, make sure to visit them at their official website or shop at their official Lazada outlet. Follow them at their Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest updates.

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