See How Heart Evangelista Transformed Her Condo Unit In Her New Vlog - Featured Article

In the video, Heart Evangelista shows us how she reflected her personal artistic touch to the style, sophistication, and space offered by RLC Residences

In building a better life of luxury for ourselves, we first start by discovering what space to live in. The home is where our hearts should be, so it is important for us to be able to personalize our safe spaces with a touch of our personality, preferences, and artful tastes. This is what actress and global fashion icon Heart Evangelista, advised when it comes to designing your own home.

Heart Evangelista with design consultant IDr. Astrid Belo discussed the beauty of the RLC Residences unit.

Last May 20, she released a new vlog, discussing her partnership with RLC Residences to transform her new one-bedroom condo unit at The Sapphire Bloc.

An artist’s spirit

Heart’s sophistication is reflected in the clean and classic neutrals of the interior.

We all know Heart Evangelista as a fashion icon and a free-willed artist. She approaches life with style, aiming to always leave a personal mark in everything she does, as evidenced by her social media posts and extravagant lifestyle of sophistication and status. This artist’s spirit is reflected in her new unit, which she co-designed with architect and artist friends. 

The entire design of the unit is tailor-fit to meet Heart’s lifestyle and her love for decoration.

In her vlog, Heart began by sharing about her latest investment with RLC Residences. She mentioned the names of the architect and two consultants involved in her project: Astrid Belo, Chris Belo, and Geewel Fuster to show her gratitude towards them. Before they started with the project, Arch. Geewel discussed turning the one-bedroom unit into a different kind of art by maximizing the space and basing the design on the unit’s functionality and Heart’s lifestyle. “I love how RLC really gives us a space where we were actually able to work around the beautiful foundation that they already had,” Heart mentioned in the video. 

Tailor-fit for a better life of luxury 

By rearranging the locations of the areas, such as switching the bedroom with an office setup and such, the team was able to use the rooms to their maximum potential. This was also made possible with the flexibility of the interior of the RLC Residences condo unit itself, which is also doable even with their other residential units. By providing a fully-functional space and well-planned designs to their clients, RLC Residences presents them with the capability to improve their lifestyle and relish in comfortable living without compromising luxury. “If you’re like me and you have this kind of space, we are going to show you how to turn it into a home; a space that will make you inspired,” Heart said in the vlog.

The unit had a Modern-Minimalist Gallery theme suggested by Arch. Geewel mixed with Heart’s personal values: calm, classy-curated, and crafted. It was seamlessly transformed from a humble abode to a highly-personalized space where she can work from home at ease in a homely environment.

By maximizing the space given to them, Heart created an interior plan in which a 1BR apartment becomes a spacious home where she can both work and relax on a normal day.

“I’m just so grateful for RLC because they gave us a wonderful foundation,” Heart shared in her vlog while on the way to her unit. The project was finished flawlessly, which Heart was expressively fond of. She also shared about why she chose The Sapphire Bloc to invest in. “That’s also something I consider when I’m looking for a place or whenever I invest in a property. It always has to be near everything,” she said, when talking about the convenient location of the condominium. 

Heart was more than happy to see the finished product, fully content with how it turned out. IDr. Astrid Belo even shared her own comments from the perspective of a professional. “My favorite part is, of course, the high ceiling,” IDr. Astrid mentioned during her talk with Heart. “It just feels larger than the usual condo and that’s a hallmark for a premium development.” Aside from the high ceilings, Heart also loved the many windows, which was uncommon for small units, giving way for good cross ventilation while making the space feel cozy and spacious. 

Love Marie Designs with RLC Residences created this project in order to provide Heart a place where she can both relax and work from home comfortably.

“That’s what I also love about the space of RLC,” Heart shared. “Everything is already quality, so that was really nice and makes your investment worth it.” With Heart’s quirky touch, the architectural and interior strategy of her and her team, and the premium space developed by RLC Residences, Heart was able to finally build her lifestyle in a home that’s fit for an artist. 

Check out Heart’s vlog by visiting her YouTube channel and the RLC Residences YouTube account. Find out more about RLC Residences and invest in your own personal pod right now by taking a look at their website, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. 

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