Hola Bombón’s Noche de Sabores is the Collaboration Dinner in Poblacion You Have to Try - Dine

Hola Bombon continues their hit signature dinner series on February 5 with a collaboration between its own chefs Ruther Sandico and Ruben Beltran Cestellnou.

Meant to be a collaborative avenue for culinary creators, Noche de Sabores is Hola Bombón’s signature dinner series where chefs team up to produce a delicious night for the Makati space’s hungry patrons. The series makes for one-of-a-kind menus. Its maiden outing last December, for example, saw the restaurant’s Spanish flavors amplified with Chef Ivan Fernandez’s Andalusian charm. 

“We started the series as an effort to uplift our hard-hit industry,” shares newly appointed executive chef Ruther Sandico. “We believe through these events, chefs and restaurateurs can support each other and rise together to get through this pandemic.” Not only does the series give chefs a break from their daily routines and local dining’s somber air, Sandico points out, it also allows them to do something they love—expressing their creativity. “These events allow us to create memorable dining experiences and encourage more people to start dining out again while ensuring a safe space for everyone,” he says. 

Hola Bombon’s new executive chef, Ruther Sandico

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This sentiment continued through their second event, which had Test Kitchen Chef Josh Boutwood heading to Poblacion for a festive nine-course menu. Now, for their third menu on February 5, they take a more personal approach with a menu curated by Sandico himself. 

A night of mixed cultures and flavors

On what will make this Noche de Sabores unique, Sandico stresses that collaboration is at the heart of the event. “There are two chefs with two different backgrounds who meet in the space of our common strength: Spanish cuisine.” 

The two minds that will meet for tomorrow’s dinner are that of Sandico and Hola Bombon’s outgoing executive chef Ruben Beltran Cestellnou, representing a culinary continuity for the restaurant. “The plates are not bound by tradition which makes for a beautiful dining experience. The outcome is surprising yet comforting, traditional yet contemporary, fun yet complex,” Sandico says, giving a short preview. “As an example, Chef Rubén and I will be showcasing local and Spanish ingredients. There’s a course where we are incorporating a traditional Cordilleran smoked pork dish called ‘kiniing’ into a seafood dish.” Other dishes to expect from the Noches the Sabores include the Wagyu bombas with brava and parsley aioli, Socarrat de verdudas with romesco and seasonal vegetables, and Short ribs with chickpeas and herbs emulsion topped with beef floss.

Chef Sandico and Chef Ruben Beltran Cestellnou, the two collaborators for this Noche de Sabores

When asked to describe his personal culinary approach, Sandico says that it is a mix of French techniques, paired with Japanese and Middle Eastern flavors and Spanish flair. “It’s very important to have a lot of respect for the culture and traditions of each country and know how to do things properly before you can play around with ingredients,” he adds. 

But Sandico assures that the restaurant’s classic flavors will always remain. “Guests can expect Hola Bombón to continue what we’ve been doing since the beginning, which is injecting playful touches on our dishes and showcasing more Filipino-Spanish ingredients, recipes and techniques,” he says. “The menu will still be constantly evolving, but nothing too complicated. I prefer people to be more relaxed when they dine here, at the end of the day it’s all about having fun and enjoying a bottle of wine or two with the food.”

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New servings ahead

Another significant day in February is, of course, Valentine’s Day and Sandico is preparing something special for diners looking to dine-in and even take out for the special day. “The Día de San Valentín menu will be special enough to wow your loved ones but not intimidating to the point that you don’t know what you are eating,” he says with a laugh. “It will be light and fresh, with a play on seafood and vegetables.” 

Hola Bombon’s Día de San Valentín menu

Sandico sets the scene for February 14 guests. “A grilled octopus salad with a light, citrusy mojo rojo, paired with a good champagne or cava, plus fresh flowers and scented candles to charm your date,” he says. “We will also have two options for our set menu: one for the meat lovers, one for fish lovers. Our Día de San Valentín five-course menu will be available for dine-in, but also for delivery and take away for those who prefer to have their dates at home.” 

Hola Bombon is located at 5887 Fermina, cor Enriquez, Makati. For reservations and inquiries contact (0917) 520-1880.

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