5 Vegan Substitutes to Your Kitchen Staple Ingredients - Dine

Looking to go vegan for 2021? Here are some plant-based replacements to your favorite ingredients that you should know.

There are many staples in our daily diet that will be a bit difficult to give up when you start on your vegan journey. Meat is an obvious hurdle but other animal by-products are more often the more challenging to replace like dairy products and eggs. Luckily, your cooking experience doesn’t have to lose its spark of fun with more available options in the local market now, from vegan giniling to even vegan cheeses—here are just some of our favorites.

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In a Nutshell – Cheese

Started in 2015, In A Nutshell has made a name for itself as a go-to local source for vegan cheeses. What makes their plant-based cheese roster so good is its variety of soft, hard, and even sliced variants. The also dedicate a portion fo their sales to supporting animal welfare groups and charities. We recommend trying their Cashew Parmesan, Brie, and Scarborough Fair.

For order details, check out their website at inanutshell.com.ph


Just Egg – Egg

Just Egg’s mung bean based egg substitute is the must have of every struggling egg lover turned vegan. With no cholesterol and the no hassle set up of just scrambling and frying (like a normal egg) you’ll have a delicious plate of vegan scrambled eggs in no time. You can also use it for your baked favorites such as breads and pancakes.

Just Egg is available on the The Vegan Grocer PH

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Oatly – Milk

Dairy-free milk is common place nowadays with many varieties from soy to nut-based milk, but no other brand has made an impact quite like Oatly. With a no cutting corners commitment to putting the safety of the planet and its resources at the forefront of their operations, Oatly products are a statement that companies should be held accountable for their sustainability efforts as they have done so with no struggle—Plus their products are topnotch in nutrition and flavor.

Oatly is available on many online groceries including The Superfood Grocer and Yardstick.


WTH Foods – Meat

WTH Foods takes pride in making Filipino made meat substitute products that appeal to local tastes and pushes a mission of food security and sustainability for the country. Their products include general forms of meat substitutes such as WTH Giniling for any ground meat but also specific ones such as WTH Corned Beef made from jackfruit and WTH Hinimay as a pulled meat substitute.

Visit wthfoods.ph for more information and order inquiries.


Tropical Nut Butter – Butter

Another product from the local brand In A Nutshell, their Tropical Nut Butter is made from cashew milk that spreads, tastes, an even cooks just like the real thing—all without milking a cow. Use it to spread on bread, sear (vegan) meats, and even for baking.

For order details, check out their website at inanutshell.com.ph

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