7 Tips to Jumpstart Your Veganuary Journey - Dine

Trying for that V card? Here are some things you should know before you go plant-based fulltime.

Whether if it’s for health, moral, or philosophical reasons, going vegan can be an exciting and daunting change for anyone willing to try. But getting into a vegan diet is easier than you might think. You might even be eating vegan food right now and not even know it. So, to get your Veganuary started, here are some introductory tips to help in your delicious journey.

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Plan your meals

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Consistency is key when you’re just starting to tread the world of veganism. It’s best to plan out your meals and groceries ahead every week or at least every day so you don’t fall into those moments where you don’t have anything to prepare or cook making the temptation to eat non-vegan high.


Gradually change your food

You’re setting yourself up for a tough change if you want to go cold-turkey on all meat and animal by-products. Start the change slowly, replace your breakfast with fresh fruits bowls or smoothies, removing red meats first from your and gradually drop all meats in the next weeks. Accumulate small changes over time to make the change less drastic.


Freeze your vegetables and fruits

Going vegan, or even vegetarian, calls for a lot of fresh produce and storing them properly is important in making sure they last long. Thankfully, many veggies (and some fruits) can be stored in the deep freeze until you’re ready to thaw or cook ‘em. Aside from the usual corn, pease, and carrot; other freezable vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, and spinach.


Find vegan alternatives to your grocery mainstays

Even before you reach the kitchen, look into stores and sources where you can get vegan alternatives for your usual groceries such as eggs, dairy products, and ‘impossible’ meats. We recommend ‘In A Nutshell’ for vegan cheeses and ‘Just Egg’ for your egg replacement.


Turn your favorite food into vegan versions

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A good start in changing your meals is finding out how to turn your favorite dish into a vegan one. So that when those cravings come you know exactly how to act on it. Figuring out a way to make delicious vegan pasta or or stew can be easy when you have the recipe ready on hand.


Find easy vegan snacks

A lot of the snack we normally eat are already vegan and it’s good to stock up on them for whenever you get the munchies. Potato chips, popcorn, fresh fruits, nuts, and chickpeas are a good starting snack before you get creative with other veggie-based chips such as kale and mushroom.


Join your local vegan community

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco

You don’t have to go through this change alone, search online for groups and communities where you can find support and tips to support this new chapter in your life. These communities will be a good source of vegan stores, restaurants, and even recipes.

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