7 Home Pieces to Decorate Your Space With 2021's Illuminating and Ultimate Gray - Suite Life

Welcome 2021 into your home with the year’s colors that combine pragmatism with jovial hope. 

Pantone’s dual color of the year leaves no space for somberness: Ultimate Gray (17-5104) standing stoic with its practicality and robust nature paired with the optimistic glee of Illuminating (13-0647). Both colors that stand stern on their individuality yet combining to form a message of “positivity supported by fortitude,” as stated by Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. Integrating this message into our homes can be as simple as adding a few small pieces such as tableware or even adding larger furniture to make a bolder statement. Big or small, here are some of our home picks to add some positivity and fortitude to your home this year.

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Bookends Civetta Yellow – Fornasetti

Starting with smaller pieces, a good place to start adding some color to your home is with your personal library. Bookends make for a small but effective design piece to any room, adding a bit of character to your stack of literature. These vibrant owl bookends from Fornasetti are a balance of cute and tasteful, but also, who doesn’t love a pair of curious owls guarding your books?

Available on Opulence Design Concept.


Lion Trinket Tray – Dior Maison

This porcelain piece from Dior Maison is hand-painted with a Toile de Jouy Lion motif that is striking as it is intriguing. A simple trinket tray yet so detailed with its gray intricacies, it represents the timeless code cherished by Christian Dior himself.

Hourglass Diffuser 2.0 – Diptyque

Illuminating in sight and scent, Diptyque’s hourglass diffusers have always been a visual marvel and with scent selections that just envelope the senses. The bright chrome exterior makes it a highlight in any room for display, from living rooms to bathrooms.

Available on Rustan’s website.

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Mosaique Au 24 Gold Set – Hermès

On to some tableware, many of us have been spending more time indoors and tablescaping has been a hobby on the rise the past months. Well, what better way to level your tablescapes this year than with a set of Hermès plates that just pop with vibrant porcelain. Order a full set or  for a full yellow or mix in some gray marble pieces for the full Pantone 2021 experience.

Available on the Hermès website.


Jacqueline Night Table – Misura Emme

Smooth, sleek, and sturdy—the Jacqueline best represents the rigor of Ultimate Gray. Along with its refined round design that does away with handles or any protruding appendages that results in a piece that is solid but welcoming with smooth corners and bevelled edges.

Visit the Misura Emme website for more information.


Michelle Chair – Misura Emme

With versatile lines that give a weightless structure, the Michelle comes in many fabrics and finishings, but is at its most elegant in gray. The crossover legs intersect at the seat’s center, giving off a floating illusion to the cushion, which invites the eyes to come rest—a stylish addition to any home office.

Visit Misura Emme’s website here for more details.


Medusa Lumière Rhapsody Glass Set – Versace 

Let’s end this list with something to toast to. Pour a drink in one of Versace’s Medusa Lumiere glasses, which displays the iconic medusa in the base with a thick hue of yellow that gives the pieces a glimmer that just dazzles in the hand no matter whatever drink you have.

Available on Versace’s website

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