Festín en Casa: Enjoy the Flavors of Spain Right in Your Kitchen With Paella Kits and Readymade Sangria - Dine

Nothing quite satisfies like a well-made paella with a finely made sangria.

Barcino’s standard paella fare (from top to bottom): Chorizo Y Pollo, Mixta, and Negra.

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The local F&B industry has adapted greatly to the limitations brought about by the pandemic. Many restaurants have shifted focus on digital and have created menus that maximize delivery service for their loyal patrons. From this, new ways have sprung in curating dishes that allow consumers to recreate the same quality of flavor that a restaurant is known for right at home. This seamless ease in bringing quality flavors at home is the core idea that Barcino established in launching their e-commerce site over lockdown. More than just offering their vast wine and liquor selection, their new site showcases food and drink choices that enhance the at-home experience—bringing Barcino into our own kitchens.

Paella Making Kit for Paella Mixta

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Of course, what is a Spanish feast at home without a centerpiece paella. One of the highlights of their at-home offerings, their Paella Making Kits take every bit of flavor you can get from their signatures paellas with that extra charm of it being made yourself. Not only adding a sense of accomplishment before your meal, their paella kits are designed to be made with ease and fuss-free. Available in three variants: Paella Negra, Mixta, and their bestselling Chorizo y Pollo. For my attempt, I ordered the Chorizo y Pollo. A seemingly daunting task at first, I was relieved to see that the box it came in was organized with a card of instructions and each ingredient in easy-to-open bags. “5 Easy Steps,” the card stated, as if to ease any intimidation. It is worthy to note that the kit doesn’t require you to have a paellera to pull off the dish, a simple pan with some good depth or a casserole would do just fine. Thinking that the card instructions weren’t enough to guide me I checked the website again for additional tips. True enough, each paella kit had an accompanying video on it product page that shows how to make them step-by-step, a calming visual guide for the easily panicked.

A close-up shot of my paella creation at home.

After 30 or so minutes of delicately following each step and replaying the video to assure myself, I ended up with an impressive looking sight. A pan full of amber-hued rice with a slight oily sheen almost akin to a sunset sky. Specs of deep ruby from the chorizo slices dot the rice along with meaty chunks of chicken. Adding a festive color to the dish, red and green bell peppers scatter about the pan. As for the taste, their stock pack, though small at sight, is packed with all the rich flavors that are to be expected from the end product’s vibrant color. Deeply savory and gratifyingly filling, the instruction card said that one kit can feed three to four people but I proudly finished it with my own abilities.

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As you all know, a paella dinner wouldn’t be complete without an ice-cold glass of sangria to pair it with. Plus, what is a Barcino meal without a glass (or even a pitcher) of their signature drink? Beautifully bottled and tastes like it was freshly made, their Sangria Tinto makes for the the perfect partner for my paella. I added some slices of apple and oranges to my glass for a slight fruity tartness to complete the drink that completes my meal.

Enjoy their signature Sangria at home with some sliced fruits such as apples and oranges.

Aside from the sangria and paella, other notable fare offered on their new e-commerce site are ready-made meals such as croquetas de chorizo, albondigas de la abuela, and other tapas. And if you like pairing your sangria with light finger food they also offer an array of quality cheeses and cold cuts to make yourself a cheese board.

For orders and inquiries, visit Barcino’s website here for more information.

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