16 Sweet Shops Serving Sugary Snacks to Support Small Businesses - Dine

It’s always the little things these days, such as spreading joy through sweet, sugary goodness.

Adapting to change by the sweetest means, the lockdown has seen the rise of many homegrown confectionary businesses. These entrepreneurs decided to take quarantine as a way to share some sugary joy and in this list we highlight their delectable fare. From cookies to cakes, there’s a treat (or two, three…okay, sixteen) that’ll surely satisfy your sweet tooth. 

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Lexa Bakes

Lexa Bakes’ flavors include extra chewy chocolate chip, available in dark and milk chocolate, and milk chocolate cornflake | Photo from @lexa.bakes

Starting off our list with some classic cookies, @lexa.bakes by Alexa Andanar has been serving comfort treats since quarantine and has only grown since. Her flavors include extra chewy chocolate chip, available in dark and milk chocolate, and milk chocolate cornflake for those looking for some crunch.

For orders and inquiries, check out Lexa Bakes on Instagram.


Baker On 9th

Adult Triple Chocolate Brownies | Photo from @bakeron9th

Looking for brownies with some kick? Baker on 9th’s Triple Chocolate Brownies have an adult twist with a mix-in of your choice between Kahlúa, Bailey’s, or Grand Marnier. The sweet liqueurs pair well with their brownies’ Italian cacao and pure Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract. Another treat to try of theirs is the No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake. 

For more information and order inquiries, visit Baker on 9th’s Instagram page.


Milk & Honey Bakery

Ube Flower Bread | Photo from @milkandhoneymanila

Haven’t heard of flower breads? Let Milk & Honey introduce you to their sweet and savory goodness. Fluffy bread and sweet toppings make up this pizza-esque creation that comes in Ube Jam and Nutella. For their savory variants, they have garlic cheese and cheese pimiento. For an extra sweet treat on the side, they also have Cinnamon Rolls that are generously coated with a vanilla bean cream cheese frosting.

Check out @milkandhoneymanila in Instagram for order inquiries.


Baked by Casey

Thai Milk Tea Cheesecake | Photo from @bakedbycasey

If you want to enjoy your sweets a la Golden Girls some finely made cheesecake by Baked by Casey will definitely hit the spot. Simple but scrumptious you can have your creamy treat in a classic graham or oreo crust, and for those in need of a sweet crossover you can try their Thai Milk Tea Cheesecake.

For baking and delivery dates, check out @bakedbycasey on Instagram.

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Cuatro Leches | Photo from @cravedsome

Sometimes the cravings get so intense that tres leches isn’t enough. Cravedsome’s Cuatro Leches takes the already sweet sponge cake to an even sweeter state, Dubbed as “not your traditional tres leches,” their Cuatro Leches is a milky creamy treat which you can order with a crunchy breakfast twist with their Cereal Milk variant.

Check out @cravedsome to see their full menu and order form.


Cate & Andi

Tropicale Chocolate Chip | Photo from @cateandandi

Up your cookie game by ordering from @cateandandi‘s unique and premium roster of cookie flavors. The vibrant sweetness of their Tropicale Chocolate Chip (Dark Chocolate + Dried Mango), the tart chew of their Valencia Chocolate (Double Chocolate + Orange), and the rich toasted goodness of their Mocha Velvet (Coffee Blend Cookie Dough + Roasted Almonds + Dark Chocolate) are just some of their delightful treats.

To see all their premium cookie selections, visit their Instagram page here. 


Claudia’s Cookies

Freshly Baked Birthday Cake Cookies | Photo from @claudiascookies

Remember those classic birthday cakes we would get when we were kids? Complete with white frosting and rainbow sprinkles, of course. Claudia’s Cookies takes that nostalgic sentiment and infuses it into a cookie, their Birthday Cake cookie is a mic of white and milk chocolate plus a toss of sprinkles—well, a heavy toss of sprinkles, as it should be.

To see all their cookie offerings, check out @claudiascookies on Instagram.


Claui’s Bakeshop

Photo from @clauisbakeshop

This playful bakery pulls no punches with their sweet offerings, with cookie names such as Soft Batch Bad Bois, Mommas Oatmeal Nibblers, and Matcha Matcha Man—there’s really nothing much else to do but order and find out how they got their names.

Check out @clauisbakeshop for more information.

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Oh It’s Manuela

Regular and Chocolate Dipped Oatmeal Thins | Photo from @ohitsmanuela

Desserts come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes you need something chunky and filling but there are also days you just want light thin snack. Manuela Vargas answers this decadent dilemma with the classic answer, “Why not both?” On thick side, you have their Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies with flavors such us White Chocolate and Walnuts with Chocolate Chip. While on the thin side, you can order their Oatmeal Thins (FYI, pairs well with your morning coffee), which you can get plain or dark chocolate dipped.

For more information check out @ohitsmanuela on Instagram.


Hermanas Kitchen

Half-Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie with Walnuts | Photo from @hermanaskitchenph

Sometimes all you want in a cookie is some gooey goodness. Moist and chewy, @hermanaskitchenph’s Half-Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies are the some of the best cookies to dip in milk. Their menu also features Ensaymada Rolls, Cinnamon Rolls, Oatmeal Minis, and many savory dishes.

To see Hermanas Kitchen’s full menu, check out their Instagram page for more information.



Naked Orange Sponge Cake | Photo from @arancio.ph

A dessert that deliciously melds sweet and sour is a bright break from all the rich and dense cakes and cookies on this list. Arancio’s Naked Orange Sponge Cake is a refreshing treat for the palate as well as for the eyes. Rustic in looks but fresh and light in taste, the sponge cake’s cloudy taste is perfect for a morning treat with a strong cup of coffee.

For orders and inquiries, check out @arancio.ph on Instagram.


Czarina’s Kitchen

Choco Crinkles | Photo from @czarina_skitchen

On to some finger food, whether you’re ordering for yourself or as a gift for a beloved one, Czarina Ablaza-Syquia’s Food for the Gods is the fruity nutty treat that will bring a smile to any face. For your merienda bites, her moist choco crinkles are a sure pleaser. And for something in the morning, her Macadamia and Honey Biscotti goes lovely with freshly brewed coffee.

Visit @czarina_skitchen on Instagram for the full price list.

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Sabotage Baked

Cinnamon Rolls | Photo from @sabotage.baked

Rocio Escaño’s sweet business may have been named after her desserts’ ability to sabotage your diet. Sabotage’s diverse and decadent listing includes her classic gooey Cinnamon Rolls, crunchy and chewy Oatmeal Reese’s Cookies, dense and luscious Banana Loaf with Cream Cheese Frosting, and the super creamy Blueberry Cheesecake with Custard.

Follow @sabotage.baked on Instagram for product updates and prices.


Martie’s Peanut Butter

No B.S. Peanut Butter | Photo from @martiespeanutbutter by @jacyshoots

Simplicity can go a long way, and that applies to sweets as well. Martie’s Peanut Butter, which has been labeled “No B.S. Peanut Butter” is an all-natural, vegan, locally sourced product that uses no hydrogenated oils—leaving out all the bad stuff, which leaves a sweet and guilt-free treat you can use in your own baked goodies.

For orders and inquiries, check out @martiespeanutbutter’s Instagram page.


Golden Dough

Cookie Dough Tubs | Photo from @goldendoughph

Ever felt that one cookie is never enough? Maybe even after three you’re still left yearning for more. How about giving Golden Dough’s Cookie Dough Tubs a try? Along with their already delectable cookie menu, Golden Dough also offers a dough tub variant for their flavors if you just really need to dig in a sweet tub of cookie dough.

For more information, visit Golden Dough’s Instagram page here.


Baked Goods by Tita Aina

Cinnabows | Photo from @bakedby.tita.aina

Along with classic sweets such as Chewies (Cookies) and OG Brownies, unique standouts in Tita Aina’s roster include her cute and sweet Cinnabows, little fluffy knots of cinnamon and powdered sugar, as well as her savory-sweet Lil Johns, cheese filled donuts.

Check out @bakedby.tita.aina on Instagram for more information.

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