Streets Named After Celebrities Around The World

With Paris paying homage to David Bowie via David Bowie Street, here’s a peek at other global streets, places, and locations that celebrate celebrities, transforming everyday routes into memorable landmarks.

Paris recently paid a vibrant tribute to the legendary David Bowie. They immortalized him with a street in the 13th arrondissement named Rue David Bowie. 

The unveiling ceremony coincided with what would have been the musician’s 77th birthday. It was a fitting celebration for a man whose influence spanned generations.

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David Bowie/Photo via Instagram @davidbowie

Paris Celebrates Bowie

According to Forbes, Bowie, born in 1947, left an indelible mark on the music industry and the hearts of many before his passing in 2016. 

The street, adorned with his birth and death years, now stands next to Austerlitz Station, creating a unique homage to the artist.

As reported by CNN, the 13th arrondissement town hall is not stopping at just a street. They are also hosting an art exhibition dedicated to Bowie.

The exhibition, which ran from January 4-13, was crafted by photographer Geoff MacCormack. Painter George Underwood, a childhood friend of Bowie, also contributed to the event.

Known for his unparalleled sound and his ability to morph seamlessly from one persona to another. Bowie’s influence extended far beyond the boundaries of music.

David Bowie/Photo via Instagram @davidbowie

Global Tribute

According to GQ Australia, naming streets after influential figures is a trend that extends beyond Paris. 

As per RACV, streets dedicated to celebrities, songs, and albums often become tourist attractions, drawing fans from all corners of the globe.


Australia, for example, boasts AC/DC Lane, a tribute to the iconic rock band. 

According to RACV, there’s a lane in Melbourne that was previously called Corporation Lane. This hotspot is now adorned with murals, lightning bolt fixtures, and graffiti. It makes it a must-visit destination for music enthusiasts on the “Highway to Hell.”

Photo via Instagram @acdc

The Beatles 

Following Herald Sun, Beatles fans can find homage in Narre Warren, where McCartney Drive meets Lennon Circuit. 

The area is sprinkled with nods to Beatles songs, with streets like Norwegian Way, Jude Place, Blue Jay Court, Liverpool Court, Rigby Court, Golden Grove, and Tangerine Drive inviting fans to take a musical journey. 

Photo via Instagram @thebeatles

Barack Obama 

Across the ocean in Los Angeles, a nearly four-mile stretch of road transformed from “Rodeo Road” to “Obama Boulevard.” 

It’s in honor of the United States’ first African-American president, Barack Obama.

According to GQ Australia, this renaming holds historical significance. Obama held his first campaign rally at a park situated on Rodeo Road, adjacent to W. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Photo via Instagram @michelleobama


Rihanna, who first conquered the music industry before dominating the world of beauty, has left an indelible mark on her hometown. 

As stated by GQ Australia, the star was honored in Bridgetown, Barbados, as the street she grew up on as a child was officially renamed after her. 

During a special ceremony in November 2017, Westbury New Road became “Rihanna Drive.” This solidified her impact not only in music and beauty but also in the very streets she once walked.

Photo via Instagram @badgalriri

Streets of Fame

In the world of city planning, these streets tell stories of cultural icons, preserving their legacies for generations to come. 

Bowie, AC/DC, The Beatles, Rihanna, and Obama—all etched into the fabric of cities, creating lively tributes that go beyond mere addresses on a map.

Banner photo via Instagram @davidbowie.

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