Designer Robert Wun Finds Inspiration Through Scary Movies

Designer Robert Wun’s story and his confessions that his designs draw inspiration from scary movies. 

On January 26, a moment lit up the fashion world with Robert Wun. He is a homegrown talent from Hong Kong now based in London, stepped into the spotlight of Paris Haute Couture Week.

Wun, a true style maestro, unleashed his very own fashion label back in 2014.

His creations have adorned the likes of famous celebrities. From Cardi B to Lisa from Blackpink, making them look even more iconic in their “Money” and “Lalisa” music videos.

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Robert Wun posted Cardi B on his Instagram with a caption saying that Cardi is wearing SS23 Couture Collection.
Cardi B/Photo via Instagram @robertwun

Rising Star

Wun’s fashion journey led him to London. This is where he delved into the intricate world of womenswear at the prestigious London College of Fashion. 

The magic happened fast – within two years of tossing that graduation cap, he boldly launched his eponymous brand.

An anonymous investor once helped him along the way. Now, the company belongs solely to Wun and his sister, who took the reins.

Photo via Instagram @robertwun

For the Love of Horror

Wun doesn’t just design; he has his own unique, unmistakable style. He’s an unabashed horror film fan, and this passion has inspired his designs. 

Picture the eerie allure of Georgie Denbrough, Pennywise’s early victim from Stephen King’s It, and those haunting killer clowns. 

Photo via Instagram @robertwun

Wun transformed these spooky elements into a dazzling show. 

Once you move past the broken heels, splattered wine, and singed edges, reveals remarkable technical skill. 

In London and beyond, Wun’s name has become synonymous with avant-garde fashion. 

Celebrities like Celine Dion, Solange, Lady Gaga, and Doja Cat have graced red carpets in his striking geometric and futuristic creations. 

It’s safe to say his designs aren’t just outfits; they’re statements.

Photo via Instagram @robertwun

The “Armour” Collection

But, here’s the plot twist – despite his undeniable talent, Wun didn’t get much love from the traditional fashion world. 

Photo via Instagram @robertwun

Fashion institutes and schedules? He was often left out of that loop. He once lamented, “I just was never lucky enough.”

Then, in 2021, everything changed when Wun unveiled his autumn/winter collection, “Armour.” 

According to Vogue, this collection is a heartwarming tribute to his grandmother and all the remarkable women who’ve left their indelible mark on his life.

Photo via Instagram @robertwun

Wun isn’t just a fashion designer; he’s a storyteller. He weaves tales of horror and homage into each garment, leaving an unforgettable mark on the fashion landscape. 

With courage and creativity, he’s navigated a winding path to success, and it’s clear that his unique voice in fashion is here to stay. 

Paris Haute Couture Week will surely remember the day they met Robert Wun.

Photo via Instagram @robertwun

Banner photo via Instagram @robertwun.

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