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Ito Kish said his love for creating beautiful stories through curated spaces prompted his eponymous store’s expansion.

Now on its sixth season, Ito Kish is ready to introduce the designer’s new original creations alongside a variety of collections. These will add to its existing Scandinavian originals, mid-century modern pieces, colonial Asian treasures, as well as its unique ethnic designs.

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The twist of the season is a new 175-square-meter space opening in the store right in time for its latest era. This will house the interior and furniture designer’s current lineup of “special objects.”

“I want to share more of what keeps me alive and hopeful—beautiful spaces. Spaces that inspire, spaces that tell a story,” Kish said in his recent newsletter.

To inaugurate the new space, the store specially curated three collections: Ito Kish Design, mid-century modern inspired furniture, and a brutalist home piece collection.

Additionally, updated versions of pieces from Kish’s Julia and Santamaria collections will make their debut during the store’s sixth season.

“Ever since we opened the store, I’ve always wanted a bigger space, especially for my original designs and finally, we’re able to do that,” Kish said.

A self-confessed art lover, Kish revealed that he designed the said space to resemble a museum.

Such inspiration further complements the retail space’s mid-century, modern-inspired furniture line of “Organic Modernism.”

This New York brand is a staple at Ito Kish. It consists of a handpicked selection of pieces that “combine both form and function.”

Exciting part

As for accessories, Kish curated a handful of brutalist lamps, vases, decors, and stools—described as minimalist and geometric. Most of these flew nearly over 10,000 kilometers away from Scandinavia.

The store has also extended its schedule, now welcoming guests between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. from Thursdays to Saturdays.

Although walk-ins are now allowed, the store encourages scheduling an appointment via text or email.

In spite of everything, the designer hints that we have yet to reach the “exciting part.”

“This is what I love doing and I love sharing it with everyone. So expect more exciting collections and even collaborations in our upcoming seasons,” Kish says.

Ito Kish is at 1120 JP Rizal Avenue, Makati. For more information, contact 09171820306 or e-mail [email protected].

Banner Photo by Ito Kish via website.

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