It’s the Little Things: Bulgari Celebrates the Beauty of Small Gestures for Valentine’s Day - Lookbook

“This special day is an occasion to enjoy all the pleasures of making someone you love happy.”

Love, care, excitement. With its magnificent creations, Bulgari has always pursed the wish to share the most genuine and joyful emotions.

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Never as in recent times has the world rediscovered the beauty of small gestures, the primal need to experience authentic feelings and to share them with the ones we love.

In Rome, a city that teems with passion in every corner, small gestures mean the most. They help to feel connected. It is the pleasure of making others happy and sharing the beauty of life starting from the little things, because there is value and power in them.

For Bulgari love means joy and Valentine’s Day is the perfect moment to share the beauty of emotions with happiness and festive spirit.

The anticipation and expectations, the hope of experiencing a special moment, the pleasure of choosing the perfect gift, or the ability to understand a wish from a single glance and knowing how to make it come true. This special day is an occasion to enjoy all the pleasures of making someone you love happy.

It is a moment to share the joy of affection and emotions without setting boundaries to the imagination. Because everyone knows: love is universal and it deserves to be celebrated, unapologetically!

From heart-stopping jewels to iconic timepieces, through spellbinding bags, accessories, fragrances and other irresistible treats, each Bulgari creation is a reminder that what makes life worth living is the authentic beauty behind every act of love.

Bulgari is located at Level 1, Greenbelt 3 and The Shoppes, Solaire Resort and Casino. Visit for more information.

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