Just Desserts: Mona Lisa Takes the Cake In an Attempted Vandalism Stunt - Arts & Culture

The Mona Lisa survived another vandalism attempt.

A man has attempted to vandalize the world’s most-famous painting at the most-visited art museum.

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The Louvre said that a visitor had approached the Mona Lisa before throwing a piece of cake at the artwork

“A visitor simulated a disability in order to use a wheelchair to approach the work, which was installed in a secure display case. The Louvre applied its usual procedures for people with reduced mobility, allowing them to admire this major work of art,” the national museum and art gallery of France said in a statement.

This corresponds with social media accounts narrating how a man dressed as an old lady jumped out of a wheelchair, attempted to smash the painting’s bulletproof glass, smeared cake on it, and then scattered roses before being apprehended by security.

After all, the museum allows people in wheelchairs to move in front of other visitors to more accessibly see exhibited works.

“While standing near the painting, this individual threw a pastry he had hidden in his personal belongings at the Mona Lisa’s glass case. This act had no effect on the painting, which was not damaged in any way,” the Louvre said.

History of vandalism

After several attacks in 1956, officials replaced the glass protecting the Mona Lisa with a bulletproof case. The change kept the artwork safe from future vandalism attempts. These included in 1974 during its Tokyo visit and again in 2009 when a museumgoer threw a ceramic mug.

The Paris prosecutor’s office said authorities arrested the culprit and brought him to a psychiatric infirmary in the police headquarters.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor has since opened an investigation while the Louvre filed a complaint.

Banner Photo by Klevis via Twitter screenshot

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