Kaye Tinga and Tessa Prieto-Valdes Come Out Bolder for This Year's Gala

With more than a decade of successfully running Red Charity Gala, the founders come out stronger for this year’s event

From the launch of the first Red Charity Gala all the way to the present, Kaye Tinga and Tessa Prieto-Valdes have shown an unwavering dedication to their altruism. Through the annual event, they have helped a multitude of causes like the Philippine National Red Cross, Save Palawan Seas Foundation (SPSF), and the Assumption High School Batch 1981 Foundation. The genuine benevolence of the gala’s founders touches the lives of many people while highlighting the best of Philippine fashion.

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Kaye Tinga and Tessa Prieto-Valdes. (Photo by Lope Navo)

Genuine benevolence

Through the gala, the founders help out the underprivileged, as well as of both the tenured and up-and-coming fashion designers. For this year, Kaye and Tessa brought back the ten designers they featured for the past decade. The fashion show only adds another layer to the cause. Kaye explains, “I think every designer looks for a venue or platform to show their talent and skill. In the Red Charity Gala, we’re lucky to raise funds and really provide the designers with a platform to show off his best. And we really have nothing to do with the collection, we have no input. He is free to do whatever he wants and for the designers, that’s really a gift, that kind of freedom of expression.”

Apart from the charitable institutions, the gala is an opportunity to create a significant and positive difference in people’s lives. Through the auctioning of different luxurious jewelry and thrilling trips across the globe, the Red Charity Gala makes it beneficial for those who are in need and the attendees as well. It is a circle of giving, mutual experience to enjoy the gift of benevolence.

Read the full story written by Pipo Gonzales in Lifestyle Asia’s November 2019 edition titled, “Purpose and Philanthropy.”

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