These Captivating Collaborations of Jul B. Dizon Are Unique Must-Haves

Shimmer and sparkle the only way jewelry knows how with these pieces of personal touch and exquisite versatility

Dressing up for holiday social affairs can be tough with the wide selection of autumn/winter 2019 collections. Among them are jewelry pieces you must carefully select to complete and stand out in your ensemble. Thankfully, Jul B. Dizon has collaborated with two discerning style icons and another jewelry brand to release one-of-a-kind collections. These are not your ordinary pieces–boasting of versatility and personal touches, you would certainly want to get your hands on these pieces as soon as you can.

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Ria Prieto wearing Skewed jewelry. LEFT: 18k chain necklace with a diamond-studded exclamation point. RIGHT: Coin pearl earring and ring set wrapped within 18k yellow gold chains.
LEFT: Coin pearl earring wrapped within 18k yellow gold chains. RIGHT: South sea pearl ring.

A touch of Ria

People are naturally drawn to symmetry and balanced proportions. However, Ria Prieto chose to look the other way and thought of highlighting imperfection in her jewelry collaboration with Jul B. Dizon. Drawing from her experiences as an editor and stylist, Ria designed pieces that are off-kilter. Titled, “Skewed,” the new collection features mismatched earrings, pearls in odd positions, and off-the-center stones. These new jewelry pieces disrupt the norms, imbuing a sense of play with beauty. For enthusiasts of unique pieces, Skewed is the perfect jewelry to start conversations in social affairs.

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Juliana Gomez wearing Sassi Fine Jewelry. LEFT: Nika earrings, bracelet, and necklace set. RIGHT: Staffa rings in different gemstones.

Sassi stuns with new pieces

You may have heard of Sassi Fine Jewelry when the brand arrived in Manila early this year, garnering attention for its glamorous and easy-to-wear pieces. Before the year ends, Sassi chose Lifestyle Asia’s May 2019 cover personality Juliana Gomez as the new face of its Autumn/Winter 2019 collection. She embodies the spirit of the Sassi woman with her beauty and charming personality. The exquisite designs of the pieces Juliana highlights go back to Renilde Vervoort. An art historian and gemologist, Renilde’s fascination for gemstones and stories from the past led to the creation of Sassi Fine Jewelry. Among its latest collections are the Nika and Staffa rings, both unforgettable for its uniqueness.

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LEFT: Staffa rings in different gemstones. RIGHT: Nika necklace.

Nika collection

Nika sets itself apart with its versatility that makes it the perfect jewelry of the confident, on-the-go woman. You can adjust to the right length through a sliding lock. The new necklace features a 30mm medallion while the new bracelet has 5 small medallions. All the pendants can be reversed. No matter which way you move, you would not need to adjust the face of the jewelry, making it truly flexible and unique.

Staffa rings

In a preview, Renilde shared the interesting story behind the creation of Staffa rings. She got inspired by the creation of stirrups that changed society in the Middle Ages. With the development of stirrups that changed the way of doing warfare, people began sharing stories about the battlefield. It slowly opened communication among different people, eliminating class divisions.

Renilde thought of translating this story through the Staffa rings shaped like stirrups. With a simpler design, the Staffa come in different gems. The ones with orange sapphires are part of Sassi’s ongoing project “Orange the World.” The proceeds of the ring until December 10 will be donated to Chameleon, a non-government organization that helps sexually abused young girls and women.

Ria Prieto wearing Skewed 18k gold layered necklace and Juliana Gomez wearing Staffa ring in orange sapphires.

With these two new collaborations of Jul B. Dizon, you are certain to find one-of-a-kind pieces that will highlight your look and stand out. After all, beauty is all about provoking and seeing the brilliance of being different.

Photos from Jul B. Dizon jewelry.

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