LA Asks Armand Del Rosario, Tom Epperson, Anthony Pangilinan

As we wind up the month of June, these dads reveal how they spent time with their families on Father’s Day, as well as what they love most about fatherhood. 

With June coming to an end, now might be a good time to reflect on the month that celebrated fathers and father-figures of all kinds. What better way to do this than to ask a few dads how they celebrated their special day with their families? 

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Anthony Pangilinan, Tom Epperson, and Armand Del Rosario share their experiences with Lifestyle Asia, and discuss their favorite parts about being dads: 

Anthony Pangilinan

Meaningful Rituals

It’s clear that motivational speaker Anthony Pangilinan values the time he gets to spend with his family. When asked how he celebrated Father’s Day with his wife Maricel and five children, he recounted sharing a meal with them and taking a long walk in their village alongside his spouse.

The Pangilinan family/Photo courtesy of Anthony Pangilinan
The Pangilinan family/Photo courtesy of Anthony Pangilinan

Pangilinan also recalls how he helped resolve a conflict between two of his children. Most families experience misunderstandings and problems, but with healthy communication and mediation, they can certainly weather the challenges. 

Maricel also asked their children the “question of the day” over dinner—for Father’s Day, it was one about their favorite memory with dad. These simple yet touching rituals are actually just a regular part of Pangilinan’s life. 

“In other words, save the topic of the question over dinner, it was—to think of it now—just like any other weekend at home,” he stated. 

Dad’s Always Here To Help

Pangilinan’s favorite part about being a dad is, of course, being able to help his kids when they need it. 

“They still run to me for help or advice, and each one always carves out time when I ask for an occasional one-on-one date,” he shared. 

Pangilinan also continues to set a good example when it comes to being a loving husband. He quipped: “All five [of my children] still get flustered [kilig] when I flirt with their mom.”

Tom Epperson

Quality Time Above All

Everyone has their own way of celebrating Father’s Day. Some kids love showering their dads with extravagant gifts; however, what matters most to photographer Tom Epperson is the time he gets to spend with his family.

“As with most Father’s Days we always make it a point just to hang out together as a family. I no longer expect my children to buy me gifts; [I] just [want to] spend quality time together,” he shared.

The Epperson family/Photo courtesy of Tom Epperson
The Epperson family/Photo courtesy of Tom Epperson

Of course, conversation paired with good food is a great way to do this.“This year my kids took me out to dinner for Japanese food,” Epperson continued. “Maybe that had something to do with the fact that my daughter was leaving soon for Japan.”

The Adventures Of Fatherhood

Fatherhood is a journey, and it’s one that the photographer cherishes through every step of the way. As such, his favorite part of being a dad is watching his children grow up. 

“My kids keep me young,” he explained. “But then again I really never grew up; I’m still a kid at heart.” 

Armand Del Rosario 

A Trip To Spain For Father’s Day

What did businessman and former football player, Armand Del Rosario, do during Father’s Day? Much like Pangilinan and Epperson, he spent plenty of quality time with family—though the arrangement was a little different this year.

Del Rosario and his wife Georgia visited their eldest daughter Nadia, who’s currently studying in a university in Spain. 

“It was a quick getaway but I remember being asleep and my phone ringing early in the morning. My two youngest daughters called me to wish me a happy Father’s Day,” he shared. “I’m just so lucky to have daughters that think and care for me in the ways that I need. Even some of my daughters’ friends messaged me ‘Happy Father’s Day,’ which also made me feel extra special.”

The Del Rosario family/Photo courtesy of Armand Del Rosario
The Del Rosario family/Photo courtesy of Armand Del Rosario

Del Rosario stated that he missed his other daughters Sonia, Irina, and Katia (who would normally make him brunch, his favorite meal of the day). However, he thoroughly enjoyed the time he spent with Nadia and Georgia (whom he called his “first true unconditional love”). 

That time spent in Spain included a meal at their favorite brunch spot, a trip to a café, and a pleasant walk around the city. The three then capped off their trip with “an amazing dinner.”

A True ‘Girl Dad’

So what does Del Rosario love most about being a certified “girl dad”? Being showered with love, of course, in all the different ways his four daughters express it. 

“My girls all love me in their own way. One gives me tough love [while still being] affectionate, another cares for me in an emotional way, the other loves me [through] hugs [and other acts of] sweetness, and another loves me in all the ways I’ve mentioned above,” he explained. 

Del Rosario also injects some humor into his reflections of fatherhood. “I don’t know if I’ve said this before (outside of my wife), but as an adolescent, I always prayed that I would be loved by women…and in a funny way, God gave me exactly what I asked for,” he stated. 

He continued: “My favorite part of being a father is taking care of these girls, watching them grow up, helping them learn life skills [for] their future, and all the little bonding moments in between.”

The long-time dad loves caring for his kids so much, he fondly remembers the joy of raising them when they were younger. “Honestly, I miss having a baby in the house. However, as much as I miss it, I feel like four loving daughters are more than enough for me.”

Banner photo courtesy of Armand Del Rosario.

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