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Ava Daza, Kaye Tinga, and Milka Romero share the things they’ve discovered through lockdown that proved to be forms of self-care.

Life’s about riding its peaks and troughs. But the collective experience that is the pandemic tends to make us feel that stress is looming over us twenty-four seven. To combat this, it’s always worth checking in on yourself and practicing healthy habits that nourish you physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

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In line with this, we ask our friends Ava Daza, Kaye Tinga, and Milka Romero about the things that have been keeping them grounded through lockdowns. They share the self-care hacks that always do the trick when they need a pick-me-up. 

Ava Daza

Simple joys like finding a TV show she enjoys, ordering a meal that “excites” her, and trying new recipes kept Daza “sane” while being stuck at home. She also picked up new hobbies through yoga and ensuring she gets other forms of exercise. 

“It’s [very hard] to get yourself to start it, but you never regret doing it; even just going for a walk outside always makes me feel good,” she shares. “Endorphins are the best cure for when you’re feeling down or unhappy with yourself.” Daza also practices “mental workouts” by grabbing a book.

For her at-home pampering routine, the podcast host lists La Mer and Pond’s face masks, The Collective’s gua-sha, and Sunnies’ Dream Cream moisturizer (which she likes chilling in the fridge before application). 

On other forms of caring beyond herself, Daza actively encourages her friends and family to discover things about themselves that might be considered taboo. “Don’t be shocked, but I’ve been encouraging friends and family to get more active in discovering what gives them pleasure sexually,” she shares. “Research really shows this can help reduce stress, help you sleep better, relieve you from any tension, [among other things].” 

In fact, Daza hosts The Sexytime Podcast with her sister Isabelle to overcome stigmas surrounding sex, sexuality, and pleasure. 

Kaye Tinga 

At the start of the pandemic, Tinga was in disbelief and described it as a “bad dream.” 

“When I finally ‘woke up,’ I realized being in lockdown doesn’t mean I have to let everything go, so the yoga mat has become my best friend,” she shares. “I started a regular exercise routine doing online pilates classes and workout videos.

The mother of four also learned a helpful skill when salons were shut down, which she says is her “home away from home.” 

“I couldn’t even blow dry my own hair, several months into the lockdown, I got tired of seeing my hair so sad looking, so I learned to fix my hair using the Dyson Airwrap.” In her refreshing beauty ritual, Tinga enjoys Rodial Vitamin C Face Masks and Tatcha Luminous Hydration Sheet Masks, which she says feel like spa treatments. 

To “widen” her horizons without leaving home, Tinga began reading a lot more. “I read both fiction and non-fiction, including business books like The Cult of We, suspense novels like The Maid, and just re-reading favorites like The Age of Innocence. And every other genre I have always loved but for one reason or another neglected during ‘normal’ times,” she says. “There’s nothing like reading to transport you to a different time and place.”

Milka Romero

For Romero, redecorating her home has been therapeutic. “I love rearranging and playing around with existing furniture that I already have in my place,” she explains. “You’ll be surprised how new and refreshing your space will feel without even spending much.”

While the entrepreneur’s plate can get quite full, she finds solace in silence and stillness. “Once I feel off track with myself, I take a good long walk. I try to soak up as much sun, take my time, maybe listen to a podcast or two, and observe my surroundings, Romero muses. “Most times, we feel like we need to be chasing time, and our day gets so overwhelmed. There is actually a lot to learn with staying silent, slowing things down, then starting again from there.

Banner photo from @avadiazdaza on Instagram.

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