LA Asks: What Made The Gala Meaningful For You?

Discover the unique and genuine joys experienced by three remarkable women at the 2023 Lifestyle Asia Gala, defying expectations with their heartfelt responses to LA’s question: ‘What made the Lifestyle Asia gala meaningful for you?’

At the heart of the Lifestyle Asia Gala 2023, we delved into the perspectives of three remarkable women, each sharing their unique take on the event. 

Lifestyle Asia posed the question, “What did you love most about the 2023 Lifestyle Asia Gala?” The answers, though diverse, echoed a shared sentiment of profound admiration.

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Kaye Tinga

Kaye Tinga, captivated by the Philanthropic Excellence Awards, remarked, “It’s very inspiring to see people from all walks of life really contribute to society. It just shows that anybody with the will to help can do it; you just have to want to do it.” 

Her appreciation extended to the gala itself, celebrating both familiar and unfamiliar faces dedicated to positive change. 

Lifestyle Asia paid tribute to all these people who’ve been helping—some we know, some we don’t know, which I love. Also, I really love this concept of being away from the city. It’s almost Christmas, becoming hectic, so it’s really a treat for us to come to a different place, and I love this concept. It’s so much fun.”

Mother and daughter bond with Kaye and her daughters Kerry and Kyle. LA Asks: What Did You Love Most About The 2023 Lifestyle Asia Gala?
Kaye Tinga with daughters Kerry and Kyle/Photo courtesy of KLIQ, Inc.

Kai Lim

Kai Lim, finding inspiration in the commitment of individuals and companies, shared, “It’s inspiring to see those who go over and beyond to communicate to other people.” 

Her affection for the gala extended to the meticulous details that defined the event. 

“It was very well done, from the choir’s performance to the elements on the table and the awards. All of these are very inspiring to everyone here.”

Kai Lim in front of the photo wall of Lifestyle Asia.
Kai Lim/Photo courtesy of KLIQ, Inc.

Iza Calzado

Iza Calzado, a part of the women’s empowerment group She Talks Asia, expressed awe at the amazing organizations showcased. 

She emphasized, “It just inspires us to keep doing the work, whether you’re awarded or not. It’s just a matter of giving back, choosing to do good, and making the world better.” 

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Her enjoyment of the gala encompassed sustainable touches, from vegetables on the table to the heartfelt performance by the choir, Los Cantantes. “It’s like a gathering of friends and families. It also gives wedding feels and I love that it’s a little laid back.”

Iza Calzado posing for the camera.
Iza Calzado/Photo courtesy of KLIQ, Inc.

In the voices of Tinga, Lim, and Calzado, we glimpse the heart of the Lifestyle Asia Gala. 

Their words echo, intertwining with the event’s essence—a tapestry of laughter, memories, and appreciation for societal contributions. 

This gala stands not just as a celebration of goodness but as a shared joy that unites us all.

This event is made possible by Lexus, Furnitalia, Poltrona Frau, Eluria by Arthaland, Opulence, Johnnie Walker Blue, GAOC, Tumi, Sula Spirits, and Brilyo Jewelry.

Banner photo courtesy of KLIQ, Inc.

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