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Everyone has a rainy day staple. 

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With the rainy season ongoing, you might have noticed that gloomy days can get you down. Fortunately, we can find comfort in food to boost our spirits. To improve your mood when the sun’s not out, you can tuck into culinary indulgences that will put a smile on your otherwise dreary face.

We ask some of our favorite foodies on their go-to comfort meals on rainy days to provide you with suggestions. Nix Alañon, Marco Rodriguez, Mons Romulo, and Nicole Ortega share the dishes they make at home and the take-out orders they prefer that brighten rainy days.

Nix Alañon 

When the rain pours, Alañon’s favorite dish to prepare at home is fish molo soup. He notes that it’s a healthier alternative to the pork variety and consistently tops the dish with calamansi, spring onions, and fried garlic. 

For a comforting meal ordered online, the interior designer says @hermanaskitchenph’s Fabada Asturiana is “a must.” His serving suggestion is having the white bean stew with crusty bread and a dollop of quality olive oil. “It’s certainly going to chase the rainy day blues away,” Alañon shares. 

Marco Rodriguez 

The owner of gourmet food shop Xáncho regularly finds himself cooking hearty dishes for his brand. In fact, Xáncho’s menu boasts a menu selection of “soul-nourishing comfort food.” They describe the Cajun-home fried potatoes with sausage as a crowd-pleaser while they say that bacon-wrapped meatloaf is inviting to have during cool, rainy weather. 

Other than the meals he cooks himself, Rodriguez goes for bowls of Asian soup dishes. He specifies that ramen, congee, pho, or batchoy would “totally hit the spot.” 

Mons Romulo

Wildflour’s gluten-free choco chewies and the cafe’s longanisa hamonado meal set are some of Romulo’s comfort food picks when it’s gloomy. “Another rainy day favorite of mine is the doshiak beef bulgogi Korean meal box by Mama Lee,” she adds. Of course, when she decides to order food from restaurants, she’s cautious about ensuring that the restaurant’s kitchen and food handling are of high standards. 

However, a homemade rainy day meal for Romulo consists of scrambled eggs sauteed with many tomatoes and onions. She alternates the sides with either beef tapa or sardines. “I have this without rice since I’m perennially on a diet,” she shares.

Nicole Ortega 

When it’s gloomy out, Ortega usually picks from Mendokoro Ramenba’s ramen offerings or Chinese hotpot from Hai Shin Lou. However, when she’s in the mood to cook, Ortega will make her own chicken mami or pho ga from scratch. 

If you want to have a taste of Ortega’s kitchen creations, you can order on Instagram. Through @silverplatterph, @cavapodium, and, you can get your gourmet spread, crepe, and even cocktail fixes. 

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