A Three-Woman Exhibition in Basel Explores The Female Gaze

La Prairie recently opened an exhibit exploring the mystery, power, and beauty of the female gaze. The exhibit featured astounding works of three Swiss female photographers from Lausanne University of Art and Design (ECAL). Daniela Droz, Namsa Leuba, and Senta Semond presented their perspectives on the female gaze. Their works featured in Basel during Art Basel, the international art fair.

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Resonance 3. (Photograph of Daniela Droz)

Heritage of audacity

La Prairie is thrilled to work with the women photographers. Their images align with the luxury brand’s heritage of audacity. Chief Marketing Officer Greg Prodromides shares, “We firmly believe that it is essential to support and encourage young artists who are forward-thinking while remaining sensitive to the timelessness of art.” And the minimal approach of the women photographers perfectly aligns with the aesthetic of La Prairie.

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Resonance 1. (Photograph of Daniela Droz)

Daniela Droz

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Photography in 2008, Daniela won and earned nominations in different design awards. She also participated in over 15 exhibits, including this recent one with La Prairie. For her works, she aims for audiences to relate to her images. Though the emotions they may feel are unfamiliar, Daniela still fulfilled her goal.

Nanihi II. (Photograph of Namsa Leuba)

Namsa Leuba

Namsa’s portfolio consists of works published in The New Yorker, i-D, Vice Magazine, and British Journal of Photography. For La Prairie’s exhibit, her visual art brings to light hidden emotions through the viewer’s own impressions. To execute, she uses black and white photos and frames it with color. This is also a reflection of the dual nature of Namsa’s bi-cultural heritage.

Lisa. (Photograph of Senta Simond)

Senta Simond

With a background on aesthetic and theory of cinema, Senta’s works focus on the female body and portraiture. “The gaze is, in my opinion, is what reveals the most inner feelings. The gaze can be avoided, but it doesn’t lie,” she explains. Hence, her portraits highlight what hides an emotion. Through this process, she is able to share her and the viewer’s lived experience through the gaze of the model.

Read the full stories of the women photographers written by Daniela Martinez in Lifestyle Asia’s August Edition, titled “The Essence of Beauty.”

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