Innovative Lace Project Wins the Lexus Design Award 2019

In a time of innovation, people are always seeking and creating solutions that would shape the future of society. Lexus recognizes the need to acknowledge these captivating, transformative works. Since 2013, the brand has supported and awarded the up-and-coming creators of these designs. This year, Lisa Marks received the Lexus Design Award for her “Algorithmic Lace” bra project.

The program was held at the Leading with Light exhibition in collaboration with Rhizomatiks. The exhibit provided an immersive experience to the guests with dynamic lighting, human dancing, and advanced robotics. The display featured the works of six Lexus Design Award 2019 finalists, including Marks. The project of Marks used a three-dimensional model to weave a bra prototype. This provides customized comfort to breast cancer survivors who underwent mastectomy surgery while offering a positive impact on their bodies.

lace bra project
Lexus International President Yoshihiro Sawa with Lisa Marks, Grand Prix Winner of Lexus Design Award 2019. (Photograph from Lexus)
lace bra project
The Algorithm Lace bra created by Lisa Marks. (Photograph from Lexus)

Lexus commits to its principles

Through this program, Lexus strives to support and nurture people who create engaging and innovative solutions. The production process of these works is also an important factor in determining the finalists. International designer and technologist John Maeda explained this through Marks’ project. He said that the advanced weaving model used to create the lace foregrounds the history and role of algorithms in the textile industry. Algorithms can create visually-appealing designs and patterns on fabrics.

Designs that shape the world’s future

Aside from the lace bra project of Marks, five other prototypes stood out among the 1,548 idea submissions from 65 countries. These are Arenophile by Rezzan Hasoglu that proposes new products from using desert sand and non-toxic binders; Baluto by Jeffrey E. Dela Cruz that addresses concerns of flooding in low-lying areas; Green Blast Jet Energy by Dmitriy Balashov that assists in collecting aircraft energy after it takes off to use for different purposes; Hydrus by Shuzhan Yuan that treats offshore oil spills; and Solgami by Ben Berwick that can be used as internal illumination or electricity generation in the user’s apartment.

The works of these six finalists were featured in Leading with Light where the guests learned more about the innovative designs and technology. The attendees also enjoyed visiting the area called Lexus Lights Tomorrow that featured Lexus’ vehicle lighting technology. The display was engaging and sparked pleasant conversations about addressing the needs of tomorrow’s society.

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