Fulfill Your Thrilling Adventures With The Latest Lexus UX

This story was originally written by Jeanette Ipapo-Tuason for Lifestyle Asia’s August Edition titled, “The Essence of Beauty.”

In coming up with an image of an adventurer, one will think of someone rugged, carrying light baggage. The look contrasts with a person of luxury in elegant clothes, presenting oneself with apparent grace. Combining the two may seem a challenge, yet this is exactly the defining characteristics of the driver of the Lexus UX. The SUV is the perfect choice for those who seek thrilling adventures and the luxurious driving comfort of a car.

Lexus UX. (Photograph from Lexus)

Agile performance

Inspired by the Cross-Create approach, the Lexus UX features the performance of a race car. When you are traveling to beautiful places with rough roads like the wilderness of Africa or even local destinations, the UX makes driving easier. The car’s notable features are its aerodynamic wheels and Aero stabilizing blade lights. These enable stable driving when turning crosswinds.

While SUVs typically focus on its performance, the UX allows for a comfortable low and high-speed handling. When it was tested on the race track, it held its own at various corners and speeds along Clark Speedway. This proves the luxury car’s agile performance along different roads.

Other new features include the new Global Architecture Compact or GA-C that deliver low center of gravity and high structural rigidity. There is also a new powertrain and a 2.0-liter petrol engine. The latter fuels the benefits of high thermal efficiency. These make the Lexus UX a new and defining SUV for modern adventurers.

Scroll below to see the features of the Lexus UX.

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Interior with Black NuLuxe® interior trim. (Photograph from Lexus)
Driver-inspired cockpit. (Photograph from Lexus)
Convenient center console with a remote touchpad. (Photograph from Lexus)

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