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Lip care is skin care, too.

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Some of us have extensive skincare routines to keep ourselves looking vibrant, but it usually prioritizes the skin on our faces and necks. However, it’s vital to remember that our lips are part of our skin, too. Just as much as you cleanse, moisturise, exfoliate, and even apply sunscreen to your face, the lips need the same attention to keep them conditioned. 

If you’ll find it dragging to add another step to your skincare ritual, you can consider acquiring lip products that nourish while it completes your makeup. Making sure the lip products you use are hydrating, nourishing, and smoothening are important for making them look plump and feel healthy.

Here are six lip oils, sticks, and balms that focus on using natural ingredients that nourish. If you apply the right skin-caring lip product consistently, you can say goodbye to chapped lips and smile with ease.

Clarins Lip Comfort Oil 

With this oil formula, Clarins aims to enhance your lips’ natural beauty with “plant-based” natural ingredients. The main ingredients used include essential oils derived from hazelnuts, jojoba, and raspberry. They also say that every application will provide you a sweet treat given it’s subtly sugary taste. 

Clarins’ nurturing Comfort Lip Oil in Blackcurrant and Honey. (Photo from Clarins)

You can choose between eight shades and flavors such as Mint, Black Currant, Rose, Tangerine, Honey, Raspberry, and Honey Glam. 

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Perricone MD No Makeup Lipstick

For a product that not only provides colored tint but improves smoother lips, Perricine MD says their No Makeup Lipstick will enhance your lips’ health the more you use it. With an added protective factor through mineral-based SPF 15, the lightweight lipstick may provide you more “youthful” looking lips.

For moisturized and sun-protected lips with a light pigment, Perricone MD makes this collection for healthier lips. (Photo from Perricone MD)

The brand recommends applying the vanilla-scented balm, generously throughout the day to alleviate chapped lips. 

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MAC Glow Play Lip Balm

The face of MAC’s newest lip-nourishing line is Lisa of record-breaking K-Pop group BLACKPINK. The performer says that the balm lets her feel like herself even while wearing make-up thanks to its sheer, natural shades and “dewy comfort.” 

Formulated with shea butter and seed oils from mango and Jojoba, the balm is meant to melt into your lips for intense hydration. The collection includes three shades such a berry-colored pink, and muted coral, and a transparent option. 

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Nuxe Lip Balm with Honey

If you have sensitive skin and have trouble finding gentle lip conditioners, you can try Nuxe’s best-selling balm. The “repairing” lip balm mostly uses real honey as a natural ingredient to soothe dry lips. It’s also a lightly scented product which doesn’t actually taste so much like honey. For a complimentary contrast, Nuxe adds grapefruit essence to the formula for a subtle flavor.

Nuxe uses natural ingredients like honey and grapefruit essence to help condition lips. (Photo from Nuxe)

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Sisley Le Phyto Gloss

The Parisian brand fuses together Hyaluronic Acid and Konjac Glucomannane to create ”Hydrobooster Complex,” the key ingredient in the lip gloss. They say that the formula which smoothes and hydrates lips feels silky and comfortable, so you won’t have to worry about the coat feeling sticky. 

In addition, the gloss’ applicator is a thin, high-precision tip, so you can accurately trace the shape of your lips without accidentally overlining them. Le Phyto Gloss comes in  “shimmery” and “shiny” finishes, so you can pick which matches your makeup look of the day.

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Jane Iredale Triple Luxe Lipstick

Known to be “skincare makeup,” Jane Iredale’s goal is to let you get the look you want without sacrificing your skin’s wellness. Their “skin-boosting” products never include synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, and are cruelty-free. 

Jane Iredale’s Triple Luxe Lipstick collection includes 18 shades made with natural oils from moringa. (Photo:

The Triple Luxe Line offers pigmented lip color blended with ingredients that can serve as antioxidants such as moringa oil and wax seed oils. The moisturizing collection offers 18 shades, so you’re likely to find the color equivalent to your current favorite lip shade.

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Banner photo from Perricone MD

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