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Here are some ways to organize and store your favorite makeup and skincare products—and some suggestions on what to do for the ones that have gone bad—laid out by our resident beauty guru.

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Clutter is not a great monster to deal with. This is especially true when everything is in disarray and you can’t find that specific waterproof eyeliner you just bought. A messy and cluttered space has been known to even trigger anxiety. We may not realize it right away, but this feeling compounds over time, just as more things are added to our collection.

Luckily, there are beauty organizers that offer perfect solutions to our growing collection. These not only allow each and every item to have its proper place in our vanity area, but they give our space an elevated look. Now, we can finally have a makeup and pamper room that is as pristine and efficient as you want it to be.

Invest in a skin-care fridge

One of the challenges of living in a tropical country is keeping our beloved skincare and makeup products from expiring before they’re supposed to. This is why a personal skincare refrigerator is worth the investment, as it is able to significantly prolong the life of our products. It helps that it comes in many designs that range from sleek and sophisticated to cheery and colorful. Getting one will be a great addition to your vanity area, as it can also serve as an ingenious storage solution for your most expensive skincare products.

Line your drawers with acrylic organizers

If you’ve designed your vanity area thoughtfully, you would’ve have allotted plenty of drawers and closet space for your products. However, having them swimming around randomly without any organization can leave you rummaging through these drawers for hours trying to find something you’ve lost. This is where drawer organizers come in handy—they can arrange your lipsticks by shade, your eyeshadow palettes by size, and powders and crème foundation by color. These days you can find organizers that adjust to any drawer or cabinet size, and are stackable, to make the most of your space.

A personal skincare refrigerator is worth the investment. Beauty Fridge Co in Ballet Slipper, P5,000, ava.ph

Fill a rotating tower with skincare or makeup

This seems to be a growing trend—smartly designed organizers that are able to accommodate all your products with ease. Add a rotating mechanism to it, and you’ll find that your skincare regimen and makeup routine can both be done with so much efficiency.

Pack a separate makeup kit for touch-ups

When it comes to makeup, buying multiples of your favorite shade and products is not unusual (especially if these are limited edition, or if this is a brand that is known to phase out certain shades). Putting aside duplicates of your favorite products in a smaller makeup kit is simply being smart. Instead of having to move around one lipstick from your vanity area to your handbag, and vise versa, will likely cause you to lose the item. But having multiples everywhere, well—it just means you can use it when you need it, and it goes back to its proper place.

Drawer organizers are handy. Makeroom Dakota Palette Organizer in White Marble, P1,350, Rustan’s

Find a special spot for your fragrance bottles

Collecting fragrance is something most of us are guilty of, especially if it’s one of our signature scents or if the bottle is beautiful. Putting them on display in an equally gorgeous mirror tray will not only entice you to use them everyday, but it will be a nice little spot where you can sit, relax and let your olfactory senses indulge.

Invest on great lighting

More than spending on the lighting fixtures at home, adding beauty light, or makeup light will make a world of difference when applying makeup. Usually makeup artists prefer to place light bulbs on the mirror, mixing white and yellow lights to create a balanced tone. Another option is using halogen lights, as they mimic natural lighting, or sunlight.

Fill a rotating tower with skincare or makeup. Makeroom Dakota Vanity Tray in White Marble, P1,350, Rustan’s

Splurge on a vanity mirror

This should be the first thing on your list when designing a makeup room. Spending on a high quality mirror is top priority, and will dictate how well your vanity area will function. Make sure the mirror works hand in hand with the lighting—these are essentials to making your room look polished.

Use a metal palette to handle liquid and crème makeup

Not only does this look sleek and cool, but a metal palette is easy to clean and sanitize, it doesn’t get any stains on it, and it keeps your makeup free from contaminants. Just remember to use a clean applicator when handling crème and liquid makeup from the bottle to the palette.

Always remember to clean your makeup brushes

This should be standard for everyone who owns makeup brushes, yet there is still so many of us who forget to do this. Cleaning your makeup brushes is just plain good hygiene, and it also prevents breakouts from happening. Depending on how often you use your makeup, it would be wise to do it one to two times a week. Using a brush cleaner would be wise, as some soaps and shampoos can be harsh on the bristles.

Put aside duplicates of your favorite products in a smaller makeup kit. Coach Cosmetic Case 17, P5,950, Trunc.ph

Buy large palettes to save on space

One way makeup artists keep their space clean and organized, and helps them remember where all their products are is to put them all on large makeup palettes. Most makeup brands offer this kind of organization—they usually reserve it for their pro line (line for professional makeup artists). But if you request for them, the sales associate at the store will be glad to sort you out.

Stock up on room fragrances, candles, and diffusers

There’s nothing like walking into a room that smells incredible. You definitely would want your little beauty corner to smell like that all the time. Not only is it an instant mood lifter, but it will get you in the mood to complete your multi-step skincare routine.

Find a special place for fragrances. Euclid Metal End Table, P12,500, Pottery Barn

Pick out a gorgeous vanity table and chair

Remember, this area is where you will be putting on skincare, applying your makeup and doing your hair—it has got to be chic and comfortable. Splurge on this one, as these essential furniture pieces will see the most use in your beauty room.

Check the expiration date

This is rudimentary, but something most of us forget to do. If we rely solely on our memory, our makeup may stay in our collection for several years because it feels like we’ve only bought the item yesterday. Tip: Use a label maker to stick the date purchased on each of your makeup and skincare in your collection. This will remind you exactly how old the product is so you won’t think twice when its time to cull your makeup wardrobe.

Invest on lighting. Venus Vanity Light, P12,000, Luxen Lighting

Toss the product if it looks different in any way

A change in color, consistency, and most especially smell are telltale signs that your product is likely expired. Some will last longer than others, as most of the time we don’t count how long the product has been in storage at the makeup counters. It pays to remember to ask for the newest stock when you shop for products, or befriend a sales assistant so she can always let you know when there is a new delivery.

Remember how long products usually last

Usually brands recommend that makeup products are only kept for this long from the moment you open the package:

(1) lipstick, 18 to 24 months
(2) lip gloss, 12 to 18 months
(3) foundation and concealer, 12 to 18 months
(4) mascara, 3 to 6 months
(5) liquid eyeliner, 3 to 6 months
(6) cream products, 12 to 18 months
(7) powder products, 12 to 18 months.  

A gorgeous chair should go with your newly-organized corner. Roar + Rabbit Chair, P42,500, West Elm

Donate expired makeup to funeral homes

A bit morbid, but it’s for a good cause. This recently came to my attention, and it makes perfect sense because they are essential to these establishments. Instead of throwing out makeup, it might be beneficial to another person. This is good to keep in mind.

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