FilipinaZ's 10th Edition Celebrates Women In The Arts

FilipinaZ’s 10th Anniversary, a decade of art, shopping, empowerment, and celebrating women in the arts.

In October, Zonta Makati and Environs (ZCME) is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its annual fundraising, FilipinaZ. 

This unique event, which combines art, fashion, and fine jewelry shopping, will take place at The Fifth at Rockwell. 

FilipinaZ is all about celebrating Living Art in various forms.

Zonta Makati and Environs (ZCME) is a proud member of Zonta International. 

It is a renowned organization of professionals and executives committed to advancing women’s status through service and advocacy.

Maritess Pineda, the Former President of ZCME, the FilipinaZ Chairperson, and Chair for ZCME’s Ways and Means Committee, shares, “FilipinaZ has always been inclined towards the arts. Many of our members are avid art collectors and patrons. We also have several artists from different fields who are part of the organization.”

Working closely with Pineda on ZCME’s Ways and Means Committee, Melissa Romualdez reveals, “This year, we are placing a special emphasis on art. Art is everywhere and influences various aspects of our lives, including fashion, design, food, and jewelry.”

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The girl holding a beautiful bag. Photo courtesy of Zonta Makati and Environs (ZCME).
Photo courtesy of Zonta Makati and Environs (ZCME)

Art for Empowerment and Advocacy

Pineda stresses that “FilipinaZ is a fundraising effort dedicated to service and advocacy.” 

Over the years, FilipinaZ has consistently supported ZCME’s projects, empowering women and enhancing their quality of life.

The fundraiser contributes to projects such as the Psychological Center for Sexually Abused Girls in Marillac Hills and the Empowering Women Scholarship Program. 

Currently, ZCME is providing support to 20 outstanding female students at the Polytechnic University who are pursuing careers in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Romualdez underscores, “This is what sets FilipinaZ apart. At the very heart of it is the advocacy of Zonta, and those you purchase at the event know they are helping the organization’s causes. We are, at our very essence, a club formed for women in the arts and business.” 

Models posing for the camera wearing beautiful outfit from FilipinaZ: Living Art.
Photo courtesy of Zonta Makati and Environs (ZCME)

A Celebration of Women in the Arts

FilipinaZ Luminaries is a recent addition to the fundraising. 

It is a tribute and recognition ceremony honoring women who have used their creativity to bring about positive change in various fields. 

For the first time in the fundraising’s history, five remarkable women will be recognized at the Art Pavilion of FilipinaZ:

Josie Natori for Fashion

Josie Natori, a true pioneer in the fashion industry, believes that art enriches our lives. 

After leaving Wall Street, she founded The Natori Company, known for its luxury lingerie and loungewear. 

Her commitment to promoting Philippine design and craftsmanship has made her a leading figure in the fashion world.

FilipinaZ Luminary for Fashion Josie Natori.
Josie Natori/Photo courtesy of Zonta Makati and Environs (ZCME)

Anita Magsaysay-Ho for Visual Arts

Anita Magsaysay-Ho’s distinctive style in capturing the essence of Filipino women in society has made her a luminary in the world of visual arts. 

She was the only woman among the “Thirteen Moderns,” a distinguished group of modernist artists in the Philippines, earning her a well-deserved place in art history.

FilipinaZ Luminary for Visual Arts Anita Magsaysay-Ho.
Anita Magsaysay-Ho/Photo courtesy of Zonta Makati and Environs (ZCME)

Vicky Vizcarra for Craft

Vicky Vizcarra Amalingan Sales, rooted in craft and the arts, continues her family’s legacy of showcasing exceptional Philippine-made products through S.C. Vizcarra. 

Her dedication and business acumen have elevated the brand to international recognition, supplying luxury players with handcrafted furniture and decor made in the Philippines. 

FilipinaZ Luminary for Craft.
Vicky Vizcarra/Photo courtesy of Zonta Makati and Environs (ZCME)

Sara Soliven de Guzman for Education

Sara Soliven-De Guzman’s lifelong commitment to education is evident through her role as President of O.B. Montessori Center. 

She transformed OBMC campuses into inspiring and healing environments, fostering creativity and imagination among students. 

Sara also leads initiatives supporting youth development, environmental protection, and humanitarian assistance.

FilipinaZ Luminary for education.
Sara Soliven de Guzman/Photo courtesy of Zonta Makati and Environs (ZCME)

Milagros Salgado Dayrit for Fine Jewelry

Milagros Salgado Dayrit’s journey into fine jewelry began with a gift from her husband, leading to the creation of Miladay, a family-run jewelry business. 

Her vision to make quality jewelry accessible to Filipinos, combined with a strong sense of family values, has left an indelible mark on the Philippine fine jewelry industry.

FilipinaZ Luminary for Fine Jewelry.
Milagros Salgado Dayrit/Photo courtesy of Zonta Makati and Environs (ZCME)

Women in Power

These extraordinary women are recognized as FilipinaZ Luminaries. They exemplify the spirit of Living Art and demonstrate how creativity can lead to meaningful change in society. 

FilipinaZ continues to be a vibrant celebration of art, fashion, and empowerment. Truly making a lasting impact on the lives of women in the Philippines.

Explore the vibrant world of creativity and advocacy, featuring galleries, creative platforms, and collectives like Art Circle Gallery, Art House, and G Art Collab.

Delve into fashion, design, fine jewelry, food, and home with brands such as Arnel Papa, CALLI, and Chef Jessie.

Be a part of this dynamic event that bridges the worlds of art and empowerment.

FILIPINAZ LUMINARIES will be honored during the 10th Edition of FilipinaZ: The Fundraiser called LIVING ART. It will take place on October 21-22 at the Fifth at Rockwell. For more information, visit or follow them on Instagram @iamfilipinaz.

Banner photo courtesy of Zonta Makati and Environs (ZCME).

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