Your Beloved Louvre Masterpiece Can Now Be Painted On A Bespoke Timepiece

Be a successful bidder first and you can carry your favorite Louvre artwork everywhere.

Collectors and enthusiasts of art couldn’t resist visiting museums and exhibits without declaring the acquisition of pieces that catch their keen attention. What more when strolling along the hallways of the majestic Louvre Museum of Paris? From the paintings of Paolo Veronese, Eugène Delacroix, to Leonardo da Vinci, you would do anything to own one of these fascinating masterpieces. What if you could even have a miniature version that you can carry anywhere? In Christie’s “Bid for the Louvre” action, you can have your favourite Louvre artwork painted on a bespoke Vacheron Constantin wristwatch. The successful bidder gets invited to select the artwork for the watch, bearing a mark of fine craftsmanship and honoring the artistry behind these two creations.

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Artistry on the wrist

Running from December 1 to December 15, Christie’s “Bid for Louvre” auction lets you bid for rare luxury pieces, contemporary art, and unique experiences. Among of which is reproducing a Louvre masterpiece in grisaille enamel of the Les Cabinotiers wristwatch. The grisaille technique entails painting in shades of grey, creating an illusion of a sculpture. Indeed, this should be no surprise for a Vacheron Constantin creation. After all, it is known for creating highly complex and rare timepieces throughout history.

Apart from selecting the artwork, the winning bidder will go on a private tour of the Vacheron Constantin in Geneva. There, the bidder can further personalize the timepiece. These can range from strap colors, case engraving, office case back, and material of the case itself. For the latter, the bidder can choose among pink gold, white gold, o platinum. Once the tour and personalization end, the bidder will receive the bespoke Les Cabinotiers watch and two authenticity certifications.

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Artistic partnership

As much as this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the successful bidder, the entire auction is in support of different communities as well. The museum will donate the auction’s proceeds to the social and educational programs of the Louvre. Thus, this cultural and artistic partnership between the watchmaker and the museum carves another path to support their mission–promoting arts and culture and celebrating experiences.

Photos from Vacheron Constantin.

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