3 Often Neglected Luxuries That We Should Enjoy In These Trying Times

With the effects of the global health crisis on our mental and physical well-being, now is the time that we give due credit and appreciation to some of life’s practical luxuries

While many of us end up in the comforting arms of retail therapy, there are other things that bring us happiness and relieve the stresses we carry in the new normal. For the times when can give your credit card a break, remember to enjoy some of life’s gifts that we often forget to acknowledge.

Time, and the Moments We Spend Alone

Whether we are swamped with work thanks to the stressful imbalance caused by our work from home situations or on a break from work indefinitely, we should all take the time to enjoy moments when we can reflect, reset, and reinvigorate ourselves with cautious optimism and self-care. Take the time to think how you can be productive or how you can use these instances to rest and find the calm you need. Let these avenues for reflection be beneficial for your well-being.

Relish times when you can breathe and meditate.

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Your Free Mood Enhancer: The Sun

On days when the sun is out, give yourself the luxury of enjoying the sun’s bright rays. The effects of exposing yourself to the sun increases serotonin production which directly affects our moods. This also explains, why we are at our most cheery moods during summer. Fifteen minutes of sun exposure also provides you your daily Vitamin D requirement according to medical specialists. But do take care and don’t overdo it. Heat exhaustion and sunburn are both unwanted.

Bathe in the rays of sunshine and reap the health benefits.

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Connections that Keep Us Going

Thanks to the many ways we can connect with each other—be it social media or telephone calls, we can check on each other’s mental health and provide much needed assistance when depression gets the best of us. Treasure the people who’ve been there with you throughout the lockdown and as we slowly ease to less stringent measures. Friends and family offer an escape from the harsh realities we face in with a simple conversation or even in brief hellos.  

Make sure you have connections who are willing to listen to your problems. Be that person too.

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