Makati Shangri-La Closes Its Doors Temporarily—What Comes Next?

Months into adapting to the pandemic, the luxury hotel falls back into closure for the time being.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our way of life drastically changed. Establishments and companies were closing—temporarily or unfortunately for some, permanently. The hospitality industry is among those greatly affected as they lose clients given the lockdowns and threat of contact with the COVID-19 virus. Makati Shangri-la, to the surprise of many, announced the closure of its doors beginning February 1. It was a tough decision but a much-needed one with the persistent financial pressures of the pandemic.

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(Photo from Shangri-La Group)

Tough decisions

When the pandemic broke out in the country, the Shangri-La Group strengthened its commitment to focus on people, whether clients or staff. The group elevated standards to enhance their safety and hygienic measures. From thorough cleaning of the entire hotel, installing air filters, implementing social distancing, to enhancing safety guidelines in their restaurants, the Shangri-La Group never backed down from the impact of the pandemic.

For their staff, they limited workweeks and reduced salaries of managers. The group even froze hiring and restricted their spending on non-essentials. Without a doubt, the luxury five-star hotel tried its best to cushion the hard-hitting impact of the pandemic.

However, many months later and they had to make a difficult decision: temporarily close their doors for an indefinite period of time. Furthermore, they had to lay off workers. From giving a fair compensation package, grocery support, to extending health coverage until December 31, 2021, the Shangri-La group ensured its staff can get back on their feet.

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(Photo from Cvent)

What’s next?

As of writing, Makati Shangri-la has no clear date when they will resume operations. They are only planning to let this closure simmer, allowing it to serve as their recovery timeline. The group will wait for business conditions in the country to improve and possibly work their way to reopening. For now, Shangri-La remains hopeful its hotel in Makati, one of the long-time landmarks in the city, will open its doors again soon.

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