Meet The Royals of Asia And How They Lead Inspiring Lives

Beyond their royal duties, these modern-day sovereigns show their passion for different life pursuits.

Royal families have always been placed upon a pedestal for their grace, style, dedication to public servitude, and their lineage. Unlike the previous generations of sovereigns, the modern-day royals and aristocrats have integrated themselves into contemporary sensibilities. Beyond their political duties, they engage in different pursuits, much like ordinary people. We have the media and online platforms to thank as we can now get a glimpse of their interesting lives. We’ve compiled another list of these royals from Asia whose wisdom, passion, and influence are easily admirable.

LEFT: Al Hussein bin Abdullah and his brother. (Photo from Instagram)
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Al Hussein Bin Abdullah

The Crown Prince of Jordan is a Georgetown University graduate. Beyond his charming, rugged looks, his excellent leadership skills and compassion for the youth shine through. He is dedicated to establishing programs for them like the Haqiq Initiative, a national leadership program to train and guide the youth to become productive leaders and citizens. He also started a National Aeronautics and Space Administration internship program and Hearing Without Borders, an initiative to help rehabilitate impaired children.

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Princess Mako

Her Imperial Highness Princess Mako of Akishino, Japan is a loving humanitarian. In 2011 during the relief operations of the Tohuku earthquake and tsunami, the Princess volunteered to help without the public’s knowledge. She can also communicate in Japanese Sign Language, helping out the community of the hearing-impaired. With her sophisticated looks, tenacious attitude, and passion to help, it is no wonder people admire and love her.

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Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum

Having many official titles such as the chairman of Dubai Executive Council, Dubai Autism Centre, and president of Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University, Sheikh Hamdan’s schedule is always occupied. Apart from his royal duties, he typically goes outdoors. He hikes, spends time with exotic animals in the desert, and scuba dives. With his caring, romantic attitude, it is no surprise that he writes poetry as well under the pen name Fazza.

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Princess Ezurin Khyra

A scroll through her Instagram account shows her astonishing style of ensembles and glamorous travels. From emerging designers to major fashion houses, her style sensibilities are a mix of these two. She opts for bold colors, intricate prints, and eye-catching silhouettes. Much like her choice of outfits, Ezurin’s personality is bright and friendly, and so people love attending her dinners and parties.

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Sawai Padmanabh Singh

The prince, ,nicknamed Pacho, is GQ India’s Most Stylish Man of the Year 2018. He featured in different modeling engagements for luxury brands. He even escorted Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon’s daughter Ava Philippe at the Bal des Debutantes in Paris. Beyond sporting good looks and charm, he is an accomplished polo player. He inherited such talent from his grandfather and great-grandfather who did competitive polo as well.

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