5 Young Asian Royals You Should Be Following On Instagram

Can’t get enough of royal families? Here are admirable Asian royalties to follow on social media.

Time and again, we can’t help looking into the lives of royal families—from the drama of the British monarchy portrayed in Netflix’s The Crown to controversies surrounding royal weddings. Beyond dwelling in a world of opulence, these figures lead interesting lives we always want to have a glimpse of. In this list, we compiled some of the most admirable Asian royals. From fitness routines, political duties, modeling engagements, to fashion aspirations, follow these young royals on Instagram for life inspiration.

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Prince Abdul Mateen

With an active social media account, it’s no surprise Prince Mateen of Brunei is the most well-known royal on this list. Graduating with a degree in International Studies and Diplomacy from the University of London, he also loves playing the sport of polo and excels in it. Scrolling through his Instagram account reveals his royal and military duties and a couple of travel photos featuring his well-toned figure.

Tengku Iman Afzan

A professional badminton player, Iman was a gold medalist during the 23rd South East Asian Games in the Philippines. With her beautiful raven hair, lovely eyes, and impressive height, she has the makings of a model. Beyond her classic beauty and talent in badminton, she is now a young mother focused on balancing her different duties including attending charity events and social affairs.

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Queen Jetsun Pema

The youngest queen of Bhutan when she was only 21 years old, Her Majesty attended Regent’s College in London where she took up psychology, art history, and international relations. She is well-loved by her constituents for her profound wisdom, gentle demeanor, and advocacy for the environment. At present, her Instagram account unveils her work with different organizations and bonding moments with her family.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Sultan Ibrahim

Glancing at his Instagram feed, one can easily admire the handsome prince for his competitiveness at sports and love for the outdoors. From racing, flying choppers, playing polo, to riding his sleek sportscars, he is definitely unstoppable. Beyond his passion for adventure, he has his laidback side as well, enjoying time with friends and lounging in pools or yachts.

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Princess Sirivannari Nariratana

A fashion royalty, Princess Sirivannari’s impeccable sense of style continues to earn recognition through fashion week presentations. She launched her eponymous label, having honed her talent as a Fine Arts graduate at Chulalongkorn University. She is also a supermodel and a scuba diver. Although she doesn’t have a personal Instagram page, her label’s account shows her beautiful designs and creative processes.

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