Game of the Royals: The Most Exquisite Chess Set In the World

A tribute to the fame of The Queen’s Gambit, we present the most opulent chess set created so far—and it’s decked in glittering precious stones.

In this digital age, most games can already be played online through any device. Thus, traditional games like chess, mahjong, and memory card games seemingly became things of the past, vintage pieces to be collected. Owing to their imminent rarity, limited-edition sets continue to be created, turning them into coveted collector’s items.

Netflix’s latest show about chess The Queen’s Gambit remains among the ten most-watched shows on the giant streaming service. As a tribute to this stellar series, we unveil the most luxurious and expensive chess set in the world. Called the Pearl Royale, the entire set is worth 4 million dollars, truly living up to its resplendent name.

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Crafted for the royals

Whether using traditional pieces or playing them online, the game of chess never went away. It only got overshadowed by the high-tech traits of today’s games. However, this year, the spotlight shone on the centuries-old game with the release of The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. Sales for the board game set, timers, and accessories skyrocketed a few days into the debut of the series. What was once a game of the past suddenly became relevant. Interest in finding and obtaining magnificent chess sets grew, and among those is the most opulent version called the Pearl Royale.

Colin Burn, an Australian artist and goldsmith, crafted what is presently the most expensive chess set in the world. It is worth 4 million dollars, with 18-carat white gold making up each piece. AAA South Sea pearls in black and white, Ceylon Blue sapphires, and around 513 carats of fine white diamonds decorate the rest of the pieces. All these sit atop an 18-carat crystal glass board with similar embellishments of the precious stones. The game set carries a gem and diamond certification, highlighting it to be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

The value of the Pearl Royale is incredible that it ACCA art gallery exhibited it only once in 2019. Located in Beverly Hills, California, the gallery presently carries a limited edition of three sets and is available for purchase. Interested collectors can book a private viewing to witness the breathtaking beauty of the set firsthand.

Photos from Colin Burn Jewelry Art and Luxurious Mag

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