Mirror of the Future: Poltrona Frau Shares the Story of its 110-Year-old Evolution in an Installation Leading Up to FuoriSalone - Arts & Culture

The brand’s True Evolution Experience is set up in its Milan flagship store.

The Poltrona Frau Milan Flagship Store is hosting The True Evolution Experience, an immersive installation that recounts the brand’s past 110 years.

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Set up like an exhibition hall, the store will feature the True Evolution Collection in both outdoor and lifestyle settings, and a vignette inspired by the fashion boutiques dedicated to furnishing accessories and leather goods. The Center Courtyard will open up to the city for the first time.

The installation was put together by Greta Rosset, a young interior designer, who artistically interprets the brand’s heritage, its present, and a future in sustainability for the Tolentino-based brand.

Full of plants and covered with large, mirrored tiles, the immersive space evokes natural elements as they dematerialize, radiating into ether. The courtyard of the 18th-century Palazzo Gallarati Scotti becomes a new place of interaction for the Milanese public during FuoriSalone 2022.

“The 110 anniversary of the foundation of Poltrona Frau is an oppourtnity not only to celebrate our past, but above all to talk about what we want to be,” explains CEO Nicola Coropulis.

He says that the last 10 years have represented a turning point for the company, demonstrating that it can keep pace with globalization.

“We have ridden considerable company growth and the renewal of the core business,” Coropulis continues, “today accompanied by a different way of representing and expressing ourselves that is in line with the changing times, while remaining consistent with our values and traditions.”

He says that, with this exhibit, the brand is telling its story at FuoriSalone. It will be an “immersive artistic work with a language that for us is innovative and surprising, open to the community and symbolic of a future in the name of sustainability,” the executive says.

Telling a story

The installation’s heart is accessed through a dark corridor, in which a play of lights leads to the central hall, covered with reflective soundproofed surfaces, punctuated by a full-height vertical LED screens.

Digital elaborations, curated by videographer Mario Greco, are combined with shots created by the brand’s marketing and communications department. The images condense the numerical values of Poltrona Frau’s activity in the tradition and renewal of craftsmanship and materials, in opening toward the world and in the commitment to more sustainable production.

Supported by the ad hoc designed sound environment, abstract and evocative images alternate on the screens along with metaphorical and imaginative graphic animations that give rise to unexpected association of meaning.

The brand’s experience becomes a tale of shapes and colors. This is seen from the curved lines that represent the needle to the colored lines that symbolize the stitching, then traveling into the pattern created by Felipe Pantone. (This pattern was exclusively created for the upholstery of the Archibald Anniversary Limited edition armchair.)

The last phase describes the link between the company and the environment, with an audiovisual climax of images and sounds from nature. The digital elaborations dissolve into hundreds of micro-seens, referencing the multi-faceted nature of the brand, its processes and the complexity of the system in which its work is expressed.

For more on the installation and the collection, visit PoltronaFrau.com.

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