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The Italian furniture maker takes a multi-sensory approach for its 2021 collection called “Take your time,” which includes a Smart Home Diffuser collab with Acqua di Parma.

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Sight, smell, and touch. These three senses are the focal points of Poltrona Frau’s 2021 collection, which takes off from how the pandemic has forced us to change our habits. These include thoughts on the versatility of space to meet new personal professional needs, the desire to use our time differently, and the need to go beyond aesthetics.

“With our social lives reduced and our domestic spaces lived in experienced more intensely than ever before,” explains Nicola Coropulis, Poltrona Frau Group CEO, “we have a chance to concentrate on the present, savor every moment, and enjoy all the sensations, no matter how fleeting, that we didn’t have time for before in our whirlwind of daily commitments in and outside the home.” He says that the opportunity to review our priorities, though enforced, gives us the chance to enjoy a better quality of living.

To provide a multi-sensory experience is at the core of the collection, and is broken down into three main categories.


Several of Poltrona Frau’s new products in the collection are developed from the design phase onward, on the basis of sensory duality: leather or fabric; wood or marble.

This can be seen in the In The Mood seating system, which is conceived with both fabric and leather upholstery and large, soft, and welcoming surfaces. The Ginger and Ginger Ale chairs, on the other hand, are now available with a new four-spoke wooden base and the frame made entirely in fabric or Pelle Frau leather. The headboard of the Volare Due bed also combines leather, fabric, or velvet cushion with the the Cuoio Saddle Extra  of Pelle Frau leather upholstery around the bed frame.

Material experimentation is perhaps most clearly seen in the Infinito table-sculpture. Formed from a block of unique marble, the piece is produced on a limited run. These rare qualities might also be seen in the Kyoto Table, designed by Gianfranco Frattini in 1974, and faithfully revisited in 2020. The new version, in black lacquered open-pore solid wood, highlights even more clearly the fine dovetail joint work.

The Pierre side tables also demonstrate an in-depth study of the material, exploring the potential of marble. In this case, the top surface is obtained by cutting a sheet of Nero Pagoda marble into tiles of different width. These are are turned so that the natural veins of the marble become straight yet staggered lines that run parallel to the longest side of the table.


Poltron Frau also collaborates with Acqua di Parma on a project that aimed to combine domotics, aesthetics, and innovation for an intense, engaging multisensory experience.

Airound, the Smart Home Diffuser, offers a different way of experiencing home fragrances. In this piece, Pelle Frau leather upholstery envelopes the object, which infuses the room with Acqua di Parma Home Collection fragrances. The diffuser can be used with three different fragrances, including the special Milano by Poltrona Frau. And, through domotics, the Smart Home Diffuser can also be set and activated remotely.

This creative synergy continues with the Airound Car Diffuser, which is the first Italian-made designer care diffuser. The Pelle Frau leather case is in sync with contemporary travel needs. The Airound Car Diffuser reflects a unique harmony between fine craftsmanship, innovation, and the art of Italian living.


The Poltrona Frau wears Loro Piana Interiors collaboration, meanwhile, stems from a desire to expand its range of high-end fabric upholstery.

Poltrona Frau has chosen four Loro Piana Interiors fabrics to create two collections inspired by the respective geographical origins of the fibers: Aboriginal, for the Merino wools of Australia and New Zealand, evoking the traditional native language of the Australasian continent, and Kashmiri, the vast and fascinating region of the Himalayas, from which the first cuts of cashmere left for Europe in the 19th century. Fine Loro Piana Interiors wools and cashmeres are also featured in Decorative Cushions and the Aspen Plaid.

Poltrona Frau wears Loro Piana Interiors

“Our new 2021 collection demonstrates how Poltrona Frau’s value are always in line with the constant changes occurring within contemporary living, enabling us to interpret and reorganize our everyday lives,” says Coropulis.

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