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Through her Tiktoks, the dermatologist and founder of Belo Medical Group, tells us why we shouldn’t believe all the skincare “hacks” and trends we see online.

Although Tiktok’s primarily used for entertainment, it has also become the platform where experts from different industries share their knowledge for free. Among these users is dermatologist Dr. Vicky Belo, the founder and medical director of the Belo Medical Group.

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Through her short videos, the doctor shares tips on how Filipinos can take care of their skin, specific to our country’s weather, and even based on what many see online. Belo reacts to viral skincare videos, talks about popular treatment myths, and shares her take as a skin expert.

Here are six things we’ve learned from her posts, from what not to do before laser hair removal to what trending “life hack” can’t replace Botox.

Don’t use toothpaste to treat skin conditions

There’s a running myth that toothpaste can lighten hyperpigmented skin at your nape. But Belo emphasizes that toothpaste is only for your teeth, and shouldn’t be used to treat Acanthosis Nigricans, or the darkening of the back of one’s neck. The skin condition is caused by obesity, hormonal changes, and constant rubbing (especially by towels).

@vicki_belo #stitch with @preeyajoshisilwal . PUT THAT TOOTHPASTE DOWN!! #skin #skintok #skincare #skincaretips #skinhacks #fyp ♬ original sound – Vicki Belo, M.D.

Belo recommends applying a glycolic acid peel and FilMed Glycopeel Mask, which is made of natural ingredient sugar cane. The next step is to apply a “calming” niacinamide or vitamin B3 cream.  

Only shave before getting laser hair removal 

The dermatologist was appalled to see a laser hair removal video where long body hair remained while the procedure was conducted. “The internet continues to shock me, but don’t let laser hair removal shock you,” was written on her Tiktok’s caption.

@vicki_belo #greenscreen @hudabeauty . The internet continues to shock me 😱 but don’t let Laser Hair Removal shock you! #skincare #skin #laserhairremoval #fyp ♬ original sound – Vicki Belo, M.D.

According to Belo, the important step to a painless laser is to “leave the hair short, close to the skin,” which can be done by shaving. She advises that at least three weeks before treatments, you should only shave (no waxing or plucking) and no suntanning as you must be wearing your original skin tone for the procedure.

The “best” anti-aging cream is SPF

The 65 year old is a huge advocate for sun protection. Not only does it reduce your risk of skin cancer, but also helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skincare steps like double cleansing, exfoliating one to three times a week, using a “good” hydrator, and using sunscreen is what Belo recommends for clear and healthy skin. 

@vicki_belo What’s the best anti-aging cream ? It’s sunscreen ☀️ because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure #skintok #skincare #beautyhacks #fypシ ♬ Listen To Me Now – nghigiango

Tattoos don’t have to last forever 

While getting a tattoo usually means a lifelong commitment, it doesn’t have to be thanks to PicoSure Lasers. So if you have ink that you regret, the treatment can “break up the dye” and turn it into “fine sand-like particles.” According to Belo, once the dye turns that small, your body can naturally drain it out. 

@vicki_belo #duet with @clearlasetattooremoval . Say it with me now “Walang Forever!” #tattoo #tattooremoval #laser #skintok ♬ original sound – Vicki Belo, M.D.

If the tattoo is black and white, it can take six to eight sessions. While it would take twelve to eighteen sessions for complete removal—once every six weeks. 

Don’t use moisturizers in humid climates 

One of Belo’s more controversial skincare tips is that she doesn’t recommend moisturizers. Many TikTok were confused, given that applying moisturizer is a traditional step for healthy skin. In response to a comment asking for an explanation, Belo says that moisturizers, which are usually oil-based, are too thick and will clog your pores. 

@vicki_belo Reply to @xipen7_ I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again ! I do not recommend using moisturizers in the PHILIPPINES . #skintok #skincare ♬ original sound – Vicki Belo, M.D.

Since clogged pores can lead to blackheads and acne, she recommends using hydrators. These products are water based, and can absorb water from the humid air and “keep it in the skin.” Belo clarifies that moisturizers shouldn’t be used in the Philippines as our climate already has an average humidity of 70-80 percent, so “another layer of oil” won’t result well. 

Just because something’s trending doesn’t mean it works 

In response to a Tiktok claiming that bathing your face with ice is a good alternative to getting Botox around your eyes, Belo argues that “there’s no way.”

@vicki_belo #stitch with @cleanbeauty101 ! Ice ice baby 🧊 Had to dress up as Cat Woman to save you from yet another “life hack” #skincare #skintok ♬ original sound – Vicki Belo, M.D.

She adds that while ice does diminish swelling, any result is only temporary. She says if you don’t want to get Botox to depuff your eyes, “you’d be better off” applying an eye cream with peptides or an eye mask with peptides as well. 

Banner photo from @victoria_belo on Instagram.

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