Fitness Firsts: New Workout Brands to Try - Mirror,Mirror

Workout studios are slowly opening up. Here are some new ones to try.

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Electric Studio Rhythm Boxing

The latest in Kristina Sy’s fitness empire, Electric Studio Rhythm Boxing is an offshoot of her widely popular indoor cycling classes.

The service was set to start in the middle of 2020, but like all businesses, went through delays before launching online on Zoom with the other offerings on indoor cycling and core fitness.

This year, the Podium branch finally re-opened with a refurbished look. The boxing room is beautiful, fully equipped with punching bags and a DJ-like set-up at the front of the room. What was once a lobby space purely for the cycling side, now both exercises share the area, with an enlarged bathroom for women and men.

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Thanks to the hit K-Drama Twenty Five Twenty One, there is a surge of interest in the sport of fencing. On the show, Kim Tae-ri and WJSN member Bona play rivals turned into friends in the sport. Nam Joo-hyuk plays the male lead.

Unfortunately, in real life, picking up fencing will not likely lead to Nam Joo-hyuk falling in love with you, but it will lead you to appreciate this fascinating sport.

Teachers at clubs like Canlas Fencing told Rappler that because of the drama, they are now fielding inquiries from parents who want their kids to pick up the activity, and adults in general who want to try it for themselves.

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Obstacle Course Training at Pretty Huge

As a kid, you probably went to a birthday party that took place in an indoor playground. Do you remember the thrill of running, climbing, crawling, and sliding into a ball pit, with other screaming children surrounding you?

If you miss that feeling, Pretty Huge offers Obstacle Course Training at their facility in BGC. Obstacle Course Training is the grown-up version of your favorite childhood memory. This time, the thrill is measured by how fast you run, how high you jump, and the sweat at the end of the session.

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Kinetix Lab

Kinetix Lab is premium strength and conditioning facility and intends to empower people through exercise and sports. “We believe that the values established within the walls out our facility, through the development of physical strength and fitness, have a significant carry-over towards character building,” reads the Kinetix website.

In other words, Kinetix wants its clients to be proud of their fitness and capable of managing it happily and healthily. They offer several different classes, from those just looking to improve overall wellbeing to sports-specific training and powerlifting. Strength, for Kinetix, is a process.

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808 Studio

808 Studio is Manila’s first boutique dance fitness studio. Owned by Sofia Coyiuto, 808 is a fun, liberating workout that is enjoyable because you get to groove to the music while putting in the work.

Classes integrate fitness and strength with dancing, with options that focus on conditioning the arms and glutes. There’s even a high-intensity interval option mixed with groovy moves.

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