Eye Of The Tiger: Ultraboxx Boxing Club Is Pasig's Latest High-Concept Fitness Studio - The Scene

This new studio thinks outside the box.

Ultraboxx Boxing Club has officially opened its doors at Estancia in Pasig’s Capital Commons.

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The new fitness and boxing studio offers high-intensity, full-body exercises. Its customized “Battle Ground” equips visitors with everything they need for a boxing workout.

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Additionally, it increases the “fun factor” through its selection of hype music and lights to set the mood.

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Classes last 50 minutes. Each session starts with a warm-up and run-through of basic boxing moves before proceeding to the actual workout and a cool-down afterward.

“An Ultraboxx workout combines high-impact cardio and high-intensity interval training. It’s also a great way to help relieve stress and improve mental focus,” co-founder Jolo Estrada said.

Singaporean medalist and fitness guru Bryan Tay even mentored and trained Ultraboxx’s roster of instructors. It’s worth noting that Tay previously co-founded other fitness studios.

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“Smash your usual routine. Adding regular boxing sessions to your fitness routine will help you lose weight, build muscle mass, enhance endurance, improve stability, and tone your body. But more than that, Ultraboxx is about helping you build a better relationship with your body,” Ultraboxx concluded.

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Ultraboxx Boxing Club is located at L3 East Wing, Estancia, Capital Commons, Pasig. For scheduling and additional information, follow Ultraboxx on social media (@ultra.boxx via Instagram and Facebook).

Photos via Imprint Media Group.

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