OMEGA Hosts Tribute to the First Lunar Landing with George Clooney

As a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, OMEGA created the Speedmaster in 18K Moonshine™ gold. This was a rendition of the original wristwatch worn on the moon that was dubbed Speedmaster BA145.022. To celebrate, OMEGA invited brand ambassador George Clooney, together with NASA veterans like Charlie Duke and Thomas Safford. The VIP guests enjoyed an enlightening space-related discussion and wonderful dinner at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center.

George Clooney and Belkys Nerey joined Thomas Stafford as he shared how proud he is of his role in Apollo 11.

To the moon-landing heroes

The President and CEO of OMEGA Raynald Aeschlimann was proud of OMEGA’s accomplishment. The Swiss brand crafted the first watch worn on the moon: Speedmaster BA145.022. It was the only timepiece that survived the tests for the first space exploration. Raynald said, “It’s a huge achievement to land on another world. I can’t think of a better reason to raise a glass in tribute.”

The face of OMEGA, George Clooney, along with a lineup of NASA veterans graced the event. This includes Commander of Apollo 10 Lieutenant General Thomas Stafford and CAPCOM for Apollo 11 and Apollo 16 lunar module pilot Charlie Duke. On stage, Charlie expressed that there were many challenges during the 1969 space mission. Yet it was hard work and commitment that made it successful. Thomas added that humility also played a role following the mission’s completion. “[We were] very realistic, and we never took success for granted, not once.”

George Clooney joined Charlie Duke as he reflected on the 1969 mission.
OMEGA Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Limited Edition.

To immortalize the moment

To mark the 50th anniversary of the first time man stepped on the moon, OMEGA crafted the Speedmaster Apollo 11 wristwatch. The limited edition masterpiece resembles lunar history with a domed lunar meteorite. There are also vintage markings engraved on it like “1969-2019” and “The First Watch Worn on the Moon.” This luxurious timepiece is an impressive tribute to one of the greatest moments in man’s history.

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