5 Things To Experience In The New OMEGA Museum

Walkthrough and immerse in the fascinating heritage of the Swiss watchmaker

In early times, traditional museums simply display artworks, sculptures, and memorabilia for guests to appreciate. Yet these days, they find ways to encourage more guests to visit and have an unforgettable, interactive experience with the pieces. One such company that innovates is OMEGA. With its extensive history, the original museum requires building a new one. OMEGA and the Swatch Group opened it at La Cité du Temps in Switzerland. Located at Bienne, the OMEGA museum walks you through its history. Upon entering, you can walk along the floor embedded with a massive world map. The digital timestamps show the exact time of certain locations. From the first interactive area, you can expect an abundance of entertaining experiences immersing you in the rich heritage of OMEGA.

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Walk across the map and read the exact time of different parts of the globe.

History of Time. An immersive 360-degree video shows you the evolution of man’s journey to precision. From the first sundials of ancient Egypt to the introduction of hourglasses all the way to modern-day timepieces, you can witness the fascinating quest of man to understand the concept of time.

The 9m track with timer and capturing device.

9m Track. For Olympic Games enthusiasts, run on a 9m track and time your speed with Official Timekeeper technology. OMEGA’s Scan ‘o’ vision MYRIA can take your photo in your ‘winning moment.’ The device can capture up to 10,000 digital images every second, earning its position as an iconic technology in the Olympic Games.

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Destination Moon. Among OMEGA’s claim to fame is how it is the first watch worn on the moon. The museum features an expansive lunar surface with a Lunar Rover and a life-sized astronaut figure. Massive, silver planet-shaped structures bear specific details of OMEGA’s space story. Its main highlight is the creation of the Speedmaster, the only watch worn by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin when they first stepped on the moon.

A massive watch mechanism displaying details on OMEGA’s timepieces.

Walk-in Speedmaster. Ever wondered how timepieces work? Take a walk into OMEGA’s giant Speedmaster and see the movements of a watch. This area of the museum features animated films revealing the processes behind Co-Axial Escapement, a mechanism made famous by OMEGA through its mass production of their watches incorporating the technology.

See the timepieces of OMEGA from its early years to the present.
The evolution of OMEGA’s promotional posters hung against a life-sized steel bracelet.

Story with Many Chapters. Delve into the details of the Swiss watchmaker’s history with a walk-through of their timepieces and innovative technology. See history unfold through a 50m steel bracelet with over 64 treasury windows. Each window displays OMEGA’s rich and enlightening heritage. The area encourages appreciation of man’s continuous quest to understand and treasure time.

Photos from OMEGA.

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