Opulent Repository: A Wider Array Of Whisky At Your Disposal 

This luxurious storehouse is home to a curated line of global elixirs featuring the most extensive array of whisky in Manila.

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s September 2023 Issue.

Newport World Resorts has swung open the grand doors to its latest gem: The Whisky Library. Nestled within the heart of the vibrant cityscape, this opulent haven invites you to lose yourself in its exquisite warmth. Furthermore, within its russet brick-and-mortar facade lies a treasure trove—the largest collection of whisky in Manila. And not just any whisky, but a curated assortment of global elixirs that dance on the palate, painting stories of distant lands and flavors.

The bar in The Whisky Library
The Whisky Library at Newport World Resorts/ Photo courtesy of The Whisky Library

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Portal To Newest Gem

As the doors swung open, a tide of guests surged in, their eagerness reflected in their eyes. An enthralling range of well-matured Scottish and global single malt whiskies took center stage, conducting the symphony of indulgence. Furthermore, among them reigned the prestigious Dalmore Constellation Series—an opulent delight reserved solely for the privileged patrons of The Whisky Library.

guests in the event
Newport World Resorts Chairman Kevin Tan and Arnold Vegafria/ Photo courtesy of The Whisky Library

Yet, this establishment’s enchantment isn’t confined to whisky alone. Furthermore, the Tamnavulin’s warm embrace and the kaleidoscope of flavors from brandy to Moutai find their home here. A symphony of liquors tailored to satisfy even the most capricious of tastes awaits your exploration.

Flavors and music danced together, making a friendly vibe. Chats flowed, and guests mixed in the cool setting. Fancy cigars added charm to the night, attracting experts and newcomers, elevating the magic.

fresh faces and guests in the event
Milka Romero and boyfriend with Jessica Yang and Ian Umali/ Photo courtesy of The Whisky Library

Meticulously concocted by visionary mixologists, the bespoke cocktail menu transforms liquid ingredients into artistry. Moreover, each sip is a testament to the fusion of ingredients, representing contemporary icons in liquid form. “Shaken not Stirred,” an ode to cinematic espionage, reinvents itself with a fusion of Tarsier Southeast Asian Gin, maraschino, blue curacao, and egg white, garnished with lime and lavender. Also, these beverages foster connections, inspiring laughter and friendship. This occurs within the intimate space of the 45-seater bar.

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Banner photo courtesy of The Whisky Library.

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