Party Like A: Rockstar Themed Hotel In London Entitles You To A Butler, Offers You A Rider, And Sits On A Historical Street - Travel

Chateau Denmark is located on Denmark St., where The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix recorded tracks. At the same time, it inspired songs by The Kinks and Elton John.

When visiting London, there are several historic hotels to stay at. There’s The Ritz, where Queen Elizabeth II hosted Prince Charles’ 54th birthday in 2002. In central London stands The Savoy, the first luxury hotel in Britain, established in 1889. And there’s The Langham, an over 150-year-old hotel that Princess Diana used to frequent. 

However, for a more unique stay beyond your typical British five-star service is Chateau Denmark. It’s located in the heart of Denmark Place and spreads across 16 buildings. Denmark street is an important area for British rock. 

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Music history 

According to Bloomberg, The Rolling Stones recorded their self-titled debut EP at Regent Sound Studios in 4 Denmark St. Jimi Hendrix, also recorded in the same studio. Meanwhile, The Kinks released a song titled “Denmark Street.” 

And “Your Song at 20 Denmark St.” is a track by songwriter Bernie Taupin and Elton John. In addition, The Sex Pistols once lived in 6-7 Denmark St. 

“Denmark Street is a place famous for music and creativity,” Chateau Denmark’s director Carrie Wicks told the publication. “These stories make good fellows for a collection of eccentric guesthouses.”

The spaces are decorated with what you’d expect from the theme: red curtains, studded Victorian chairs finished with graffiti, gold trims, dim lighting, and of course, fully stocked bars. 

Quirks and perks

Guests are also entitled to a butler and a rider. But they’re not the typical service assistants you might meet in traditional luxury hotels. In fact, they’ve renamed the butler’s title to the “BTLR.” Chateau Denmark says their BTLRs are “unique characters” that can measure the mood of your environment to better cater to your needs.

At the same time, as the hotel communicates it, you can request almost anything from your rider. “For the biggest, smallest, and the most discreetest of things, it offers so much more than just experiences,” the hotel writes on its website. 

So, it’s a place to consider if you’re looking to party like a London rockstar instead of living like British royalty. 

Banner photo from @chateaudenmark on Instagram.

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