Sky Cruise: This Flying Hotel Is Designed to Stay Airborne For Years - Travel

It’s giving Castle in the Sky.

Designers have conceptualized a flying hotel known as “Sky Cruise” that can remain suspended in the air for several years.

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Germany-based science communicator Hashem Al-Ghaili recently posted a video reimagining and animating the original idea of concept artist Tony Holmsen.

According to the video, Sky Cruise will never run out of fuel. It claims that a small nuclear reactor will power 20 electric engines to provide the hotel with unlimited energy.

The nuclear-powered sky hotel is big enough to accommodate over 5,000 guests. Features include a 360-degree panoramic hall, main entertainment deck, and viewing domes.

Meanwhile, recreational activities onboard include shopping malls, sports centers, swimming pools, restaurants, bars, playgrounds, theaters, and cinemas.

Several top comments on Al-Ghali’s video, however, have criticized the Sky Cruise’s design and feasibility.

“If physics and aerodynamics didn’t exist, then this vessel might actually be able to take off,” one YouTube user commented.

Al-Ghali maintained that the public response to the video has been positive. He noted how the concept received global media coverage and trended on social media platforms for days.

“I want to reiterate that it’s just a concept. I’m happy to see that it has stirred a lot of discussion and made you take a moment to dream of a future where such stuff could exist. Regardless of its feasibility, we humans should never stop dreaming,” Al-Ghali said.

He added that he genuinely believes Sky Cruises will someday roam our skies.

“With just a few tweaks to the design, nuclear fusion, and proper aerodynamics, the Sky Cruise could someday take off and carry thousands of passengers above the clouds,” Al-Ghali concluded.

Banner Photo by Hashem Al-Ghaili via Instagram

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