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From palm-sized miniature boxes to extravagant vases adorning your homes, Petalier gives us blossoming opportunities to express those three words

With the season of hearts along the way, the bustling streets and thriving stores are once again populated with an assortment of pastel pink tulips and deep red roses. Restaurants would decorate their tables with remarkable fabric, setting the mood with the sound of violins and the piano. Lovers would order scented candles, filling their homes with the aromatic scent of lavender and chamomile. 

February takes us to yet another adventure this year, as the vibrant red shade of the Chinese New Year is immediately followed by the alluring tint of Valentine’s day. The art of flower arranging is especially appreciated during this month, as it is not only a custom to simply hand over a freshly-picked flower, but more importantly, send heartfelt love messages with no use for words. The passion and dedication to masterfully assembling petals and committing to luxury is the mission of Petalier.

The artists behind the masterpiece

Established in 2015, Petalier is the brainchild of best friends Diane Yap and Lauren Silverio. To fulfill their passion in making opulent flower arrangements available to an online audience, Diane trained under the tutelage of Japanese florist Dan Takeda and studied at the world’s top floristry school, Flower School New York. With a vision in mind to produce a premium gift-giving brand dedicated to flowers, Diane became the Chief Executive Officer of Petalier with Lauren as her Chief Financial Officer, cementing their brand and paving the way for a blooming business. 

Well-known personalities such as Kris Aquino and Ruffa Gutierrez have experienced the never-failing gorgeous flower arrangements for themselves. Other prominent brands such as Moët & Chandon and Miss Dior had also taken their picks from Petalier’s catalogue.

An assembly of colors and sizes

Their Valentine’s Day selection arrives in the form of a vast sea of colors, shapes, and sizes. Carefully placed into categories for easier access, you can make your choice from their classic, premium, acrylique, floraison, and wrapped bouquet collections. 

These flower arrangements each have their own unique and exquisite designs, as the classic collection promotes the simplicity of flowers in a box, while the premium collection boasts extravagant heart-shaped arrangements. 

Flower arrangements can also be placed in carefully-crafted acrylique or decorative homely vases. Even their wrapped bouquets can go all out, putting a twist in age-old tradition. 

Petalier provides you with the power to do your own magic. By ordering their skillfully assembled pieces, Valentine’s day will turn out to be an unforgettable and dreamlike experience for you and your loved one. The choice of color for the ribbons, bouquet wrapper, and flowers are all up to you. Whether it’s an addition of enchanting fairy lights for certain pieces, customized balloons with messages, a sweet love letter attached to your order, or a delightful miniature strawberry cake to fulfill your lover’s longing for a treat, Petalier can make it all happen. 

For more information and inquiries, feel free to visit Petalier Inc’s website, Facebook, and Instagram account.

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