Red Jumpsuit Apparatus: Unpacking Harry Styles' Fashion In "As It Was" Music Video - Arts & Culture

He never goes out of style.

Harry Styles’ latest single “As It Was” has trended for the fashion featured in its music video, among other reasons.

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“It’s a deeply personal statement from an artist who has never sounded this joyous, this confident, this fearless in facing the future. It’s a complex love song about losing one’s self, finding one’s self, and embracing change,” Styles described the song.

The “As It Was” music video depicts the British singer-songwriter in a bright red ensemble. The signature piece that trended, however, is a crimson sequin jumpsuit created by Paris-based designer Arturo Obegero.

The designer cut the sleeveless bodysuit tight enough to be form-fitting against Styles’ figure. A pair of Freed of London boots further accentuates this look.

The wardrobe of “As It Was” paid homage to the likes of Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, and Prince. The designer even explicitly mentioned Mick Jagger. All of whom are Styles’ musical and sartorial influences.

“I worked closely with Styles and his stylist Harry Lambert to create the look. And Jagger’s effeminate tour outfits were the first thing we wanted to research,” Obegero told British GQ.

Aside from the jumpsuit, Styles also layered up with a scarlet overcoat from London-based designer Bianca Saunders, a Dries van Noten scarf, and Ernest W. Baker driving gloves. 

Lastly, and not least for his fans, his peak state of undress in the music video involved Styles only in Merz b. Schwanen boxers.

Presently, “As It Was” remains trending on YouTube since its March 31 premiere ahead of its full physical release. Styles will drop his upcoming third album, Harry’s House, on May 20.

Banner Photo via Harry Styles’ Instagram

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