From One Dream to Another: Sal Ponce Enrile's Journey as an Artist

Apart from being a public servant, Sal Ponce Enrile is also an artist passionate about depicting life’s wonderful experiences.

Sal Ponce Enrile at her “Journey” exhibit. (Photograph from Art Cube Gallery)

Beginning of a journey

Spending most of her childhood indoors, Sal Ponce Enrile fell in love with the visual arts. She started drawing and painting at a young age, filling her world with different shapes and hues. The courage to imagine and create did not stop even after becoming a public servant. After serving two full terms, she resumed working on her passion for painting.

“Awakening” is her first exhibition featuring a maiden collection. It revealed the transitory nature of life’s experiences particularly, Sal’s own. “[My collections] are also a glimpse into my hopes, fears, and moods,” Sal shares. “[It recalls] moments that evoke excitement, joy, anxiety, doubts, and uncertainties.” noticed her works and featured her in Spain. From then on, her paintings reached New York, California, Germany, and the Philippines. Local and international audiences witnessed the stories she painted.

“Journey” title piece. (Photograph from Art Cube Gallery)
TOP LEFT: Blue Green, MIDDLE: Stamina, and BOTTOM: Redemption 2. (Photograph from Art Cube Gallery)

Exploring life

“Journey” is Sal’s second solo exhibit. It depicted thirteen semi-figurative symbolist works and twelve abstract expressionist paintings. The centerpiece titled “Journey” is a symbolism of “anyone’s journey through life,” Sal explains. Starting from the crucifix, it represents leaving the past. Next is the cathedral as prayers for guidance, flowers for gratitude, and boats for traveling to unfamiliar places. The four figures are Sal’s family. At the top left corner is a figure of Jesus Christ, Sal’s anchor in life.

The rest of the abstract paintings depict her style as ethereal and celestial. Wisps of gold accents and vibrant play of colors dominate her works. The iridescent hues create a mesmerizing effect for the viewers. It evokes a feeling of nostalgia as if seeing an old and beautiful memory. This impact is similar to the title piece with its narrative of Sal’s life journey. All the other works in the exhibition invite viewers to charge it with their own memories and experiences.

TOP LEFT: Comfort, TOP RIGHT: Ethereal, BOTTOM LEFT: Journey, and BOTTOM RIGHT: Anniversary. (Photograph from Art Cube Gallery)

Sal’s public life may be established yet her inner life is equally rich and demands a continuous reflection. This and her incredible talent for capturing memory and emotions will enable her to reach great lengths in her journey.

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